Friday, February 06, 2009

I like to live. Period.

Here's another peek at Katee Sackhoff on NIP/TUCK. From the promos I've been seeing, it looks like her character Teddy Rowe is going to show up starting on next Tuesday's episode. [HT Cinema Blend]


Brisotope said...

I love Katee Sackoff and I think she's fascinating in a lot of ways. She's smart, confident and has the best hair in show biz. But that whole scene was just forced, contrived and absurd. It made me never want to see that show. Hopefully, it was just that scene.

Anonymous said...

@ Brisotope dont worry, im sure it will be great, Niptuck is one of the best shows on tv, it has great story/characters/drama/action/tension, and really does things other shows are too scared to do (including BSG!)

Although sometimes can be a little sick to watch some stuff haha

Anonymous said...

I found it a little jarring too. I suppose it is too much to expect that the writing be in the same league as BSG. I guess she just wanted to do something completely different and lightweight. Still, I'll watch it if she's in it.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Starbuck? I'm afraid that Katie's in the process of being type cast.

The What said...

The Sackhoff passion is in full effect here. And I'm not sure why you'd say typecast? She plays a viper pilot warrior on BSG...and a fun-loving doctor here. You mean because both characters like on the edge? If so, BRING IT.

Anonymous said...

Yeah seriously...there is no downside to this sort of Sackhoff character! Whee.

Anonymous said...

Acutally Nip tuck is in the same league as BSG writers, the story is continually evolving in niptuck, where as in BSG it can take multiple episodes to move the story along.

The drama/character side i would go as far to say is even better (since it is mainly a drama show with hardly any action etc at all)

Dont go bashing shows you havent woched (or woched like 3 and think you know the entire series)

ex-lion tamer said...

Nip/Tuck is empty-headed, self-important hooey, has been all along; I'm flabbergasted it's still around. Comparing it to BSG is absurd.

That said, I may tune in just to see "Dr. Starbuck." She's smokin' -- I'd let her liposuction me any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

I have woched it infact and so my opinion is informed. Quality isn't determined by the pace of the plot development. There are other factors involved in making something 'good'.

'Nip' is not in the same league as BSG but then it is not intended to be. Not all shows have to be intellectually challenging & artistic. 'Nip' is more about cheap thrills - not that there is anything wrong with that. I'll watch it again but only because Katee is in it (cause that gives me my cheap thrills).

Charly Gardel said...

What "ex-lion tamer" said, both about Nip/Tuck and "Dr. Starbuck."

Anonymous said...

well maybe when you watch the eps with Katie in - which will be 2 or 3 i think i heard ?

Then you will be prob sucked into the "cheap thrills" even if now aware.

Nip tuck can be intellectually challenging and has various themes to do with what is wrong with out world today, has a harsh reality to it. Although can sometimes "jump the gun" a little but hey atleast you can say its not boring or a piece of trash, its entertainment with great acting/directing and good writing.

Anonymous said...

I hope she doesn't cut off her breasts like that woman did a few episodes ago!! She took an electric knife and sawed off her left breast in the lobby of McNamara/Troy.

Gordon Davis said...

"Nip tuck can be intellectually challenging and has various themes to do with what is wrong with out world today..."

"I hope she doesn't cut off her breasts like that woman did a few episodes ago!!"

So this is great writing? Really?

From what I've seen of Nip/Tuck, it's just a guilty pleasure show. I haven't seen much of the show, but it seems to mostly rely on shock value.

It tries to be smart and clever sometimes, but most of these scenes I found painful. I have seen nothing on this show that would make me want to compare it to BSG.

I love Katee's acting. I really hope she can eventually find a role as good as she had with Starbuck. This, however, isn't that role.

Anonymous said...

It's still fun for us to watch though. Acting can't all be Oscar-winners.

I hope her Dick Wolf pilot pans out...

Anonymous said...

I don't know how they can replcae Katee with Rose McGowan for season 6. they should've just written the character off the show.

i've been watching since season 1.

Nip/Tuck is mostly a T&A show. they show as much gore & nudity as the censors allow. The 2 main characters are shown nude (no frontal but plenty of ass) in almost episode.

sone memorable monents are: the transexual (played by Famnke Janssen) having sex with get adopted son, Dr. Troy having homosexual fantasies about his best friend Sean, Dr. McNamara having sex with a sex doll that was modeled after the shows resident porn star Kimber. Sean having sex with 18 year old Eden Lord at a club and then having trouble ejaculating, and eventually having a heart attack!, Eden Lord instructing her 14 year old stepsister to perform oral sex on boys so they will like her.

This list could go on & on!

Anonymous said...

1 more memorable moment!

there was an episode this season where Dr. McNamara & some chick were making out in a hottub. The girl then says they should stop and go inside, Dr. McNamara vetoes that idea and prefers they stay in the hottub.

the girl starts to squirm around and wants to leave the tub but Sean ain't hearing none of that.

Well, in the next scene they show the water in the tub starting to turn brown and it's coming from the chick.

turns out she pooped herself cause she was taking too many laxatives to lose weight!

It was funny & ridiculous!

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