Saturday, January 17, 2009

Space promo for 414

I'm not watching the promos anymore, myself...but I heard on the SciFi boards that this one shown on Space is much more "interesting" than the one SciFi showed last night:


Charlie said...

I love the rallying Tyrol, wish they had shown more of that side of him on New Caprica.

Anonymous said...

"I need a drink"

Anonymous said...

SciFi seemed to finally get it for these final 10 eps ... most of their teasers and "clues" were amalgams - and intertwined audio and visuals that were not related to throw the observer off the trail but keep you interested ... they used to give away the store with their ads but they seem safe to watch now for those not wanting all the secrets revealed ahead of time


Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the promos or even the theme music drum roll images EVER. The only show that expertly does ads is The X-Files because Chris Carter made sure they revealed nothing. "Fight the Future" was a fantastic trailer -- better than the movie -- because it revealed nothing but looked amazing!

Anonymous said...

I also have to say Space shows much more respect for Science Fiction programing in general and has decent ads, too. The post-program commentary had a few participants whose opinions were more appreciative of the action over the drama of the series, sadly.

Overall, though, we Canadians are very lucky to have Space, though Sci Fi is essential to having this incredible show. But pairing BSG with Nickelback is something no one should have to suffer through in an ad.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Caprica-Six and Tigh's offspring!

radii said...

re; Space teaser

Are those lobster claws or extra heads where the hands should be in the ultrasound image of Tigh and Caprica Six's baby ?

Talk about evolution ... they're making Zoidbergs!


Anonymous said...

Could they be having twins?

agatestone said...

What does Kara whisper at the end?

Anonymous said...

"Is that a threat". And Gaeta replies that it is.

Craig Ranapia said...

Heh... I love it that Caprica-Six is being all reverent and oracular, and her Baby-Papa pipes up with "I need a drink"! What is this Knocked Up with a body count? :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it looked like twins too. I don't think Tigh is the baby daddy, though. I suspect that the daddy is actually Baltar.

Anonymous said...


Idk, it could happen if the Cylon reproductive system was off just that wee bit much from the human reproductive system.

It is so, so tempting to watch this promo, based on the image that YouTube oh-so-cleverly picked for the tease, but I WILL NOT. I AM HOLDING OFF >O.

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