Saturday, January 17, 2009

Commentary track for 413

Hulu and Scifi have ep 413 with Ron Moore's commentary (which you can also download as an audio podcast from iTunes here or from SciFi here).


J-man said...

@proggrrl: Looks like you're back from the auction... flying high from it I hope... I'm torn that I didn't go.

From the intro to the new episode: 3600 years ago, Pythia wrote about the exile and rebirth of the human race. That's got to be key.

ProgGrrl said...

Howdy J-man, and yes indeedy, I had a great time at the auction...(see my twitter and @moryan twitter for a few cool tastes)...trying to edit together a bunch of video I shot there today.

If you're in the LA area and you love BSG, YOU MUST GO LOOK AT THE AUCTION STUFF, it's amazing. Admission to the auction is totally free!

ProgGrrl said...

More on the auction:

I'll have some video up later, if I can work out all the conversions and editing...but let me tell you all: admission is free, and many of the auction items are on display and you can get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with everything. Many of the costumes/props/FX/sets crewmembers have been stopping by and making themselves available to answer questions. I believe that you can ask to see any item in the catalog that is not on display. Fully-costumes fans from The Colonial Fleet are working the floor. There is a real Raptor and a real Mark VII Viper from set, fully functional set pieces, on display.


normdoering said...

What happens when you smash their dreams? Well, now that the Pyhthian prophesies have let them down I would logically assume that Baltar's religion becomes much bigger.

My post on the episode.

Rambling Johnny said...

Yeah but Baltar will realize sooner or later that the prophet role in any religion is usually to end up martyr.

Anzi said...

Is there any way/place to get the commentary version from outside of the US? iTunes doesn't seem to have it, and Hulu hates Japan apparently :(

Raziel Anarki said...

well it should be on the scifi page sooner or later... i hope :)

Kamal said...

Please.. people.. tell me someone else hears him quite obviously getting stoned while doing this track. too funny

Raziel Anarki said...

well it's up on the scifi rss but i cant seem to download any 4th season ones (from europe, and i'm sure i was able to dl the 4.0 ones before)
if anyone has a clue, please tell...
but i guess i'll have to have a little more patience...

Sven Holmström said...

I have the same problem. None of the podcasts work anylonger. They used to!

Really annoying.

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