Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quite a send off.

ProgGrrl's favorite things about going to the BSG cast and crew screening of 413, last night in Los Angeles:

  • I was there. How the frak did that happen? And I got to hang out with this terrific blogger, extra double plus good.
  • Ron Moore and Bradley Thompson praising the entire cast and crew effusively on stage before the screening.
  • A SciFi exec onstage, saying "they're feeling it" for an Emmy this year. Cross your fingers.
  • Bear and Brendan McCreary performing All Along The Watchtower live onstage with a guitar and an accordion.
  • Finally seeing some BSG eps on The Big Screen. The detail. The intensity. Wow.
  • The reaction of the audience to any scene starring Michael Hogan's Incredible Acting Eye. FTW!
  • The reaction of the audience to any of Tory's scenes (lots of boos and hisses, LOL).
  • Knowing, at the end, that we may be seeing a lot more of a certain somebody on the show now. I hope.
  • Meeting Paula Malcomson and Esai Morales and telling them how happy I am about Caprica moving forward. GO TEAM!
  • Leaving the afterparty...feeling like a fox drifting, drifting along in the river...on a strong current...

ProgGrrl's favorite things about the auction today in Pasadena (WHICH YOU SHOULD ALL GO CHECK OUT ON SUNDAY, ADMISSION IS FREE):
  • Standing two feet away from all those memorable props. Getting up close with the CIC set pieces to see how detailed (and beat to hell) they actually are. TV magic at its finest.
  • Finally meeting Joe from the wondrous Battlestar Wiki...and Steve from the very cool site FuturePast... two of the folks that have been working really hard on this auction for months.
  • Sitting in the frakkin' raptor! (More on that soon.)

(Sorry bout the cruddy video quality...but my Mino HD didn't get here in time...)


Greg said...


PLEASE tell me there's a picture of you in the raptor!


ProgGrrl said...

Heh...more on that soon...

Grant Gould said...

Dude, we so need photos! :)

I am insanely jealous, as you can probably imagine. I kind of hate you right now.

ProgGrrl said...

I debated whether or not to post all this, really, cuz I new *I* would hate me. But I also figured, after the hate subsides, you'd enjoy hearing about it.

Was I right?


Anonymous said...

People actually booed during the show. What kind of poor behavior is that? I hate it when people make noise in the cinema. For a dialogue intensive show like BSG, that must make it hard to understand what's going on. What silly behavior in front of BSG's creative talent!

I love who the 5th is!

ProgGrrl said...

Booed? Where? At the Pasadena party? There wasn't any booing at the screening I went to.

Anonymous said...

Which cast members were there?

ProgGrrl said...

I saw Michael Trucco, Mark Sheppard, Tahmoh Penikett, Kate Vernon, Michael Hogan, and the folks from Caprica, Esai Morales & Paula Malcomson. But this was a very low key affair and others may have been there too. Moore, Eick and the entire writing staff were there, Bear and many of his regular players, and a lot of the rest of the crew in many departments.

J-man said...

yes, we're all very jealous and yes, it's great to hear about it right away. you deserve it and shouldn't feel bad about it. after all, the more informed you are, the more informed we are.

Gilraen said...

Michael Hogan's Incredible Acting Eye should open for Kara Thrace and Her Special Destiny. :)

All very awesome indeed. Thanks for posting the All Along The Watchtower vid as well.

Grant Gould said...

**I debated whether or not to post all this, really, cuz I new *I* would hate me. But I also figured, after the hate subsides, you'd enjoy hearing about it.**

Oh, totally.... I don't *reeaally* hate you for it. :) I love hearing about this stuff! And I fully expect photos of you at the event. *whip crack*

Anonymous said...

You wrote:
"The reaction of the audience to any of Tory's scenes (lots of boos and hisses, LOL)"

Or were you joking?

ProgGrrl said...

Oh right...actually it was pretty funny. That booing. There'd be a boo/hiss...then a giggle...etc.

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