Thursday, January 06, 2011

Final Thoughts on Caprica

Bear McCreary has posted another of his insightful and thorough articles that takes us behind the scenes on how he created the music for the final episodes of Caprica. Be sure to listen to the music samples and video of the scoring at his blog.

As an aside, I'm a hockey fan. (Go Kings!) So, I recognized the singer singing the Caprica anthem as the guy who sings O Canada at Canucks games, Mark Donnelly.

Back to Caprica.... Jerome Wetzel reviewed the finale for Blog Critics and highly praised the series, declaring: "Despite only one season, Caprica joins my list of Best Shows Ever, made even better by no cliffhangers."

Read the full review here.

Alessandra Torresani (Zoe Greystone) says farewell to Caprica and the fans on her Tumblr.

A while back on G4 she had some fun with Attack of the Show co-host Kevin Pereira:

And now for my final thought... Caprica's last two episodes, Here Be Dragons and Apotheosis were two of the best episodes of the series. Maybe if the entire first season had been aired without breaks like Lost did during the final few years of its run, and perhaps with consistent marketing, Caprica might have had a chance. Every new show needs a little shake down cruise and it seems just toward the end the writers had found the voice of the show.

Well, at least the one and only season will live on in DVD and hopefully Blu-ray. It's a worthy addition to the BSG canon. And from where Caprica left off, it could be a great spring board for Blood and Chrome to continue the Battlestar Galactica epic.


Norm! said...

I look forward to Blood and Chrome; however, I have concerns. No TV or movie prequel has really been successful.

What made BSG intense was that there was always a chance a major character would be killed or there would some other unexpected event. Like Caprica, I don't see how Blood and Chrome can create the same suspense and excitement since we all know the Galactica and Adama will survive, The Plan will be come to past, and civilization will end.

Justin said...

I agree - I loved how they ended Caprica. I actually thought the entire series was very good, better than most everything else on TV. I'll definitely miss it and hope SyFy gives Blood and Chrome more of a chance. STOP splitting up seasons, dammit!!

Greg said...

If the entire series had been like the last few episodes, it would not have sucked so much. Too much grokking and talking amongst characters that were not likeable in the beginning, combined with that IDIOITIC stall of the series making people wait killed it.

Also: anytime you hear the pitch (insert show name here) IN SPACE = fail. Dallas in Space? The olds won't watch that, and it was olds who watched stupid Dallas. Remember Defying Gravity as "Grey's Anatomy" in SPACE? Same thing - people who watch Grey's won't watch scifi (with exceptions).

Caprica had an opportunity to show the pre-BSG 12 colonies as a high tech, decadent and very advanced society that treated space travel like jet hopping and show a logical, intense story about the rise of the Cylons, etc. Instead it was mushy at best and only at the end did we get a sense that this wasn't "Dallas in Space" it was in fact something on the verge of epic. I've been tough on Caprica for sure, but I have to say, the payoff of seeing just what the Cylons were like pre-rebellion, and the concept of multiple worlds so late was endemic of why it failed.

Oh and the advertising and marketing sucked too. I don't need to see naked 15 years olds to make me watch a show, it makes me NOT want to watch it.

God help Blood and Chrome. Maybe this Comcast merger will make NBC Universal not suck so much? I hope so.

Morgan said...

Perhaps SyFy could wrap up the "Caprica" storyline with a 3-hour, maybe 4-hour, miniseries event that covers the remainder of the period depicting the rise & rebellion of the Cylons....kinda like a lead-in to "Blood and Chrome" and how the First Cylon War began.

Afte watching the "Caprica season 2" trailer on YouTube, I'd like to see how Sister Clarice plays the part of getting Cylons to rise up and kill their creators, as well as find out what happened to the other characters.

I, too, enjoyed the show and expected to go on. But the lengthy break did not help it. Don't do that with "Blood & Chrome".