Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Farewell to Caprica

Caprica is concluding tonight on SyFy with the last episodes. Check them out if you haven't seen them in Canada, on the internet, or on DVD yet.

Propworx is auctioning off Caprica props.

Caprica's excellent concluding epilogue:


Norm! said...

I really wanted to like the show, but the pace and overly-complicated story lines seemed pointless.

* Why kill William Adama just to name his step-brother Bill Adama?
* Whatever happened to Tamara Adama? Is she still floating around in V-world?
* Why would skin-job Zoe befriend Clarice? Didn't Clarice attempt to kill Zoe's parents?
* Did The Guatrau storyline have any relevance at all? Was there a war?
* Most importantly, did Adama's grandmother Ruth ever finish the chicken that she spent the entire series cutting in the kitchen?

~tito said...

This is what happens when they kill a series... lots of unfinished threads.
But overall, I liked Caprica very much!