Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CAPRICA season 1.5 to premiere in January 2011

So says Maureen Ryan on her twitter: "Second half of Caprica's first season will arrive January 2011 on Syfy. Trailer for that half of season to premiere at Comic-Con."

Not sure if this is exclusive or what. Strike that, it was a press release.


Richard said...

Wow! That's almost a YEAR since the first half of the season ended. It's no wonder numbers drop off during these extended breaks. I liked the show and I have a hard time figuring out what's going on with it.

Guess things aren't looking good for a season 2.

Pum said...

Yeah...that's way too long. I barely remember what went on now, wait she jumped off a bridge, right?

A3DArtist said...

I have already seen the 1.5 version of Caprica, I own all three is there going to be a 2.0 of caprica or not, or do we need to move on to Battlestar Galactica to see the rest. 1.5 was pretty cool fellow caprican,lol.