Monday, July 19, 2010

Bear at SDCC

Bear McCreary has detailed his schedule for San Diego Comic Con on his blog.

After the intense Music of Battlestar Galactica concerts at the House of Blues last year, I’m perfectly content just to roam the convention and take it easy this year. So, if you see a dude walking around with dark hair and a goatee, it’s either me… or maybe Ron Moore. :)

However, I will be making a few appearances, including two panels and a CD signing. So, track me down and say hi, especially if you’re a frequent blog follower.

Bear also hints that there will be a surprise announcement at SDCC of a new project he is working on.

And congratulations to Bear on his first Emmy nomination for his outstanding opening theme for Human Target.

Also, Jeremy Olsen at The Avocado Jungle recently interviewed Bear and you can listen to it here.

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