Thursday, May 07, 2009

Go to the Auction

The second Battlestar Props and Costume Auction begins on May 8th through the 10th, but Thursday the 7th is preview day, along with several panels. Bear McCreary previews his panel event on his blog. Also scheduled to appear on the 5 p.m. actors panel are: Grace Park, Michael Trucco, Kate Vernon and Luciana Carro. Bear will be a part of the 6:00 p.m. Production Executive Panel:

* Daniel Colman - Emmy-nominated and MPSE Award-winning Sound Designer will demonstrate the impact of sound on the BSG experience.
* Harvey Frand - Producer
* Gary Hutzel - Emmy and VES Award-winning VFX Supervisor will demonstrate the visual effects process
* Paul Leonard - Co-Producer will present an overview of the post production process.
* Bear McCreary - Composer will present a behind the scenes look at the making of a score
* Michael Nankin - Director of Maelstrom, Scar, Sometimes a Great Notion and Someone to Watch Over Me, will present his personal collection of 3D behind the scenes photos.
* Wayne Rose - Director of Blood on the Scales, Emmy winner for Razor Webisodes and Streamy winner for Face of the Enemy Webisodes
* Andy Seklir - Associate Producer and Editor
* Bradley Thompson - Supervising Producer and Co-Writer of Maelstrom, Scar, Sometimes A Great Notion, Someone To Watch Over Me and Revelations
* David Weddle - Supervising Producer and Co-Writer of Maelstrom, Scar, Sometimes A Great Notion, Someone To Watch Over Me and Revelations

Order the auction catalog, (or download the catalog PDF) and read their FAQ for more information.

Red Eye Chicago, and TV Squad have more information as well.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the other actors and crewpeople, but Luciana will be there all weekend.

ProgGrrl said...

Even if you cannot afford to buy anything more expensive than the printed catalog, get yourself to Pasadena.

I had soooooo much fannish fun just being in the same room with all the stuff at the first live auction.

GO IF YOU CAN! Bring your camera!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. The BSG Auction in Pasadena was fantastic! While the props/ships/costumes/set pieces were phenomenal last time, this auction really blew the last one away. The preview day panels were really informative and included multiple video presentations, ie: alt editorial treatments from the miniseries that made use of lots of split screen. There was also a very cool sound design presentation where Daniel Colman played a clip and added SFX stems one by one along with Bear's score which really highlighted the ace sound work on the show.

The panel members were all super cool and were very approachable.

Propworx also allowed fans to get up close and personal with the viper, Blackbird, and raider, unlike last time where we had to admire from behind ropes. Sitting in the cockpit of Starbuck's viper was one of the most badass things I've done in a while and was immensely satisfying as a fan of BSG.

Back to the panels for a moment, the cast members and crew were asked what their respective favorite episodes were and why. I figured some of you might be interested so I'll pass those answers along...

Grace Park, Someone To Watch Over Me.
Kate Vernon, Tigh Me Up Tigh Me Down
Michael Trucco, The Road Less Travelled/Faith.
Luciana Carro, Scar.

David Weddle: Maelstrom, Someone To Watch Over Me.
Bradley Thompson: Act of Contrition and Hand of God from season 1, then Sometimes a Great Notion and Someone To Watch Over Me from season 4.
Michael Nankin: Flight of the Phoenix, his first foray into the Battlestar universe which "changed his life".
Wayne Rose: 33 and Kobol's Last Gleaming where the show's long term potential became evident to him.
Daniel Colman: Exodus
Bear McCreary: Revelations/Sometimes a Great Notion. Also, Someone To Watch Over Me.
Paul Leonard: Exodus
Andrew Seklir: Someone To Watch Over Me.
Harvey Frand and Gary Hutzel declined to specify.

The frequent mentions of Someone To Watch Over Me seemed to reflect the unique collaborative process in which that episode was crafted. Seklir and McCreary recalled being on set and working alongside Weddle, Thompson, and Nankin in refining the story.

Anyway, it was a great time! Thanks to all who participated and made it a fraktastic weekend!

Charlie said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Wayne Rose's assessment of "Kobol's Last Gleaming" cementing the show in a long-term state. The full on introduction of Kobol and the Opera House visions made the series go from good sci-fi to something, that in my mind at least, become a tale that I would remember and place itself in the pantheon of great Sci-Fi with B5, Star Wars, and Star Trek. I just remember sitting in awe at all the stuff that episode brought to the table in those 2 hours.

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