Friday, March 13, 2009

Pre-Game Show

Here’s some stuff to enjoy while we wait a few more hours for Daybreak…

TV Guide posted another of their interview videos with Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. This time the topic is…fandom. Olmos will have plenty more time to bask in fandom’s glow later this year when he comes back again to the DragonCon. YAY. And Mary, apparently, is going to France next month…(anyone know if that festival will sell video of their events?)

Many fans have been asking us where they can go in their cities to see the series finale next week in public. The hardworking folks over at the bsg blog on livejournal have compiled a pretty thorough list of frak parties going on across North America that night, in cities from Toronto to New Orleans, New York to Los Angeles. Me, I’ll probably stay home and drink myself into a sorry, sorry state to make Tigh proud.

And for you lucky frakkers in Portland: don’t forget that Katee Sackhoff herself is scheduled to make an appearance tonight at Cort & Fatboy’s free (free!!!!) frak party. Let’s hope they share some video like last time they had a guest…but you locals should go get in line NOW. has put up a visual/oral history of the series. I can’t get even halfway through it today, sigh.

Various pieces covering the beginning of The End: The Live Feed with Ron Moore... Zap2it with Edward James Olmos… AOL Inside TV with Tahmoh Penikett… and USA Today.

TimeOut NY has a contest running till Monday to give away the framed Last Supper promo photo.

You can now buy BSG eps via your Sony Playstation.

Thanks to tweep @unconed for this BSG Finale survey…”take it, see pretty graphs, share and enjoy”…

OT while you wait out the next few hours…savor the easter eggs embedded in the Wa7chmen opening credits…courtesy of io9.


Greg said...

I'm beginning to uncessarily worry that the ending, with only 3 hours, won't be able to end the way most people are thinking.

But I'm still optmistic...and can't wait for the blu ray dvds!

ProgGrrl said...

No matter what happens, the fanfiction writers will have plenty to work on for years to come... ;-)

Steven said...

Speaking of bsg fanfic... where do you guys go to read the good stuff? Seems all I can find is angsty livejournals with bsg porn. Is there a site that collects good fic and actually helps you find the ones worth reading (i.e. with ratings, reviews, categories, ...) ?

ProgGrrl said...

There is no centralized warehouse for this form of writing, which has as many subsets and formats as there are types of fans. All the best fanfics I ever read were found the same way one discovers any other good writing: by slogging through a ton of bad word of patience.

As for angst and "p0rn"...there's no more angst in fanfic than your average best-selling romance novel...and no more sex in most of it than THE ACTUAL TV SERIES HAS. ;-)

The One True b!X said...

Re: video of Katee in Portland, ask and ye shall (soon) receive, says Fatboy.

ccc said...

Hi all, hello ProgGrrl

Mary is going to France ?

Not sure I understand, do you have more info about that ?


PS : and thank you so much for SitRep

ProgGrrl said...

@ccc: If you follow the France festival link above, you'll see a link to the festival site which I assume has more info...If you go, let us know how it went!

ccc said...

@ProgGrrl :

thanks, I do plan on going yes

Let us know how it went!

Sure thing !

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