Friday, January 30, 2009

Preview for Blood on the Scales

BEWARE: Possible Spoilers in the preview

Thanks to SevorTB

Also, this weekend, Maureen Ryan will post an interview with writer of "The Oath" Mark Verheiden.


GFree said...

I think Zarek is bluffing. Why? Because it's WAY too much of a spoiler for it to be in the teaser.


AindaMais said...

OH MY FRAKKING GODS! I'm gonna die with anticipation till next week, for sure...

radii said...

review up for The Oath on Galactica Variants

... not such a winner this one

Anonymous said...

Loved "The Oath". Aching for "Blood on the Scales"!

Nathan said...

One quick point, it's interesting that all of the members of the last supper photo are on the same side now...

Anonymous said...

so is tigh dead or not? I need to know!!

Eric H said...

@Gfree: Let's hope Skiffy hasn't reverted to its evil spoilerish ways. It's got to be at least not as straightforward as the teaser suggests.

@ Anon: tune in next week :)

p.s. Just remember that whatever happens, Tigh's some kinda Cylon, and not the "ordinary" kind whose resurrection hub was blown up. I'm just speculatin'.

ProgGrrl said...

I am looking forward to getting more info about what the deal is with the Tighlon and the rest of the 2000 y.o. cannot come soon enough!

Someone asked me last night at the frak party: are we SURE Ellen is the fifth? For sure? Now I'm feeling... unsteady! :D

Roger said...

"I'M COMING FOR ALL OF YOU!!!" Ok, Roslin is going to get super scary next week--gods, is it Friday yet??

Hieu Le Bui said...

Hey Nathan, you're right. I haven't thought about that.

Anonymous said...

So... Starbuck kicked a little butt during the Oath now next show it's Roslin's turn!


Hieu Le Bui said...

Don't forget that there was a scene in a promo that showed Lee without his suit jacket and both guns firing with Starbuck on his right side also shooting. I presumes that scene will be in next week's episode.

Anonymous said...

The Space Network's preview was completely different. There wasn't anything of Roslin on the Baseship, merely shots of their Raptor dodging Viper fire, upon then it cuts to Adama being lectured to by Gaeta. Adama says "This is a joke", then "shove it up your ass". The final shots of the preview are Adama in the launch tube, and Gaeta with a Marine Firing squad giving them the order followed by a ton of gunfire.

ProgGrrl said...

I can't frakkin wait.

Eric H said...

Ditto. Does anyone know whether Blood on the Scales will finish the coup story or have yet another cliffhanger and turn into a 3-parter? I think I'd lose my mind, but I guess I want to know now...

Brian said...

Could be longer - the next two episodes after "Blood on the Scales" are 'Deadlocked' and 'No Exit'.... looks like this will go on for a while.

Anonymous said...

That baseship at the end of the promo looks to be all in one piece: I wonder if Cavil and Co are back next week. That would explain why Tori says "I think we should ALL talk."

This should at least be a 3-parter (Bear McCreary's blog calls it a "multi-episode arc") but I would be surprised if "No Exit" (which is named after a Sartre play about people trapped in a waiting room that turns out to be Hell - "Hell is other people") is an action episode.

Hieu Le Bui said...

No, I think next week's will ends the coup then brother Cavil will shows up.

Tighclops said...

I would not be surprised at all if Zarek was NOT bluffing. Sci Fi has a history of completely spoiling episodes with their "Next Week on BSG" clips. Hell, last year they showed SHOTS OF A PLANET, including some shots with people standing ON the planet, in the "next week on BSG" for The Hub. And in the shots for The Hub, they showed Laura and Deanna talking (the classic "You don't know that you are one of them?" preview). Two examples right off the top of my head where they completely spoiled the episodes with a 30 second clip.

And yet I keep watching them, usually because I have to sit for a few minutes and process what just happened at the end of every BSG episode!

Damn you Sci Fi, Damn you.

Tighclops said...

Note: In my above post, I meant that they spoiled the Earth reveal in the preview clip for Revelations, not the Hub.

Anonymous said...

About that..
Yes I saw a planet, but I never was able to make out the continents or the moon for that matter.

And knowing the last episode will be named "Daybreak (1)" I would not be surprised that the real Earth hasn't been found yet.
After all, u need a planet to have a daybreak, unless it's metaphoriccally of course :).

About last episode, I can't wait till the next. It's really cool how after 4 seasons they still make the episodes so intense

Anonymous said...

I wonder why it's taking longer than usual for the promo pics to appear.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Radii. BSG writers look like they're mailing it in now...ran out of ideas and resorting to predictable storylines. "I'm coming for all of you" - say it ain't so, President Roslin!

The What said...

Um...MAILING IT IN? Are you f***ing serious?

Jesus that's a boring, ridiculous statement. This show is thoughtful, intense, emotionally accurate, incredibly well made given its budget limits, and better than most of what passes for TV (or SciFi in general). You can stop watching anytime now. We'd all be fine with it.

Chris C said...

Rmemner, Lee and Kara are still on Galactica.... Think they migh come to Adama's rescue? I'm hoping that Lee and Kara come through and Gaeta gets what's coming to him along with the firing squad....

Also, going back to the Last Supper picture, maybe the 6 in the middle is "Tigh's wife as he always saw her as Helen. That's the reason Gina is pointing to her in the middle. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

It appears most are over it, but can I take just one last moment to express my resentment for having to WAIT 8 FRAKKING MONTHS?!? for all of this to be resolved? The suspense is killing me!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...are you really going to keep whining about hiatus, after hiatus is over forever and ever? Really?


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