Monday, January 05, 2009

CAPRICA clip on SciFi Wire

Well whaddya know...the newly relaunched Sci Fi Wire blog has an exclusive clip from the CAPRICA pilot, of Lacy Rand introducing Daniel Graystone to the V-Club.

From the blog post: "Production on the series is slated to begin in the summer of 2009 in Vancouver, Canada, for a 2010 premiere."


brisotope said...

Hmmmm. Interesting clip but seemed a little too pushy. I guess that's pretty common in pilots though. They've got to set up a lot of background. What is that called, "exposition"?
I knew that Caprica City would be shown as a decadent place, but were they really supposed to be shooting and sacrificing people for real?

Anonymous said...

It's not "for real", it's virtual - they access that place using a holoband (as it' mentioned in the clip).

ProgGrrl said...

Yeah, "the V Club"...for Virtual.

You can also gather from this clip that Graystone's company invented the holoband technology that allows this club to exist...while Graystone remains naive about what his invention hath wrought.

Greg said...

I too was not immediately clear when I heard of Caprica that these were scenes in a virtual world. They have eschewed much of the "look" most sci fi films have about virtual worlds and as such, maybe to some viewers they might think they're watching something that's "real".

That is why I kept wondering how it is there could be a skinjob 50 years before the fall of the colonies with Zoe A and so on...

Caprica has a lot of potential, but if they make it too much like "Earth, Bigger and Louder and Techier" (which is the mistake most near future sci fi makes) and don't remind us that this IS on a planet far away and so on, well then it won't sell.

Plus they keep saying "no space shots" but if they can't at least point out "o hai! we haz other planets" and that interplanetary travel is a daily reality for this society, then you lose a bit of what makes a Caprica series interesting - the idea that at one point there were TWELVE PLANETS people moved around to and fro and so on. Imagine what our lives would be like if we had 11 other planets to live on, etc.

ProgGrrl said...

@Greg, yeah I'm pretty excited about seeing more of the other colonies. Could be great.

I imagine CAPRICA to be like a continuation of that moment in the miniseries -- the scene where Roslin is in her Doctor's office, before she goes off-world. There was a lot going on there.

Charlie said...

I loved that whole traveling between worlds is now commonplace just from that clip in the miniseries. Though I'm not sure that travel would be that open seeing that it is a few years after the "Articles of Colonization" and in the script there is still a lot of tension and straight up hatred between peoples of other worlds. I think Caprica should show other worlds, but remember the time frame of the series everyone is still very xenophobic and I hope they cover that more in the series as well.

brisotope said...

Thanks for clearing up the holoband stuff. I didn't catch that (maybe my crappy speakers).

I too look forward to trips to other colonies. I love the landscape around Vancouver but hope they come up with some new shots. I'm tired of watching TV shows and saying "Oh Stargate SG-I filmed there" or "Stargate Atlantis and BSG were there".

Anonymous said...

I have 2 comments: Hecata? Do they mean Hecate? And: Eric Stoltz is hot.

ACyclcUniverse said...

I'm not a fan of the actress playing Lacy's delivery of the scripted material, but Eric Stoltz seems spot on.

And I'm loving the visual departure from BStarG, especially in regards to the SMG that pops up on screen while they're discussing it. A great way to separate Caprica from Battlestar using asthetic rather than ignoring teh mythos.

Consider me officially ecstatic for Caprica!!!

gorehound13 said...

I still have the thought that this BSG will not be my cup of tee.

to much like earth
to much earthly drama (who screws who,powerful families,crime stuff,etc)

at least BSG had the sci-fi i love with good drama.this show seems like it will have a lot of drama with a littler bit of sci-fi.

i have said that i will start to watch it and maybe i will get into it....then again maybe not.

Anonymous said...

@gore: Lemme get this straight: robots, virtual reality, creation of the first cylon soul...not enough scifi for you? Tough room.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they're giving us a taste of the "one true god" motif already... wish I had a lock like that on my door... - J

Anonymous said...

I didn't enjoy the trailer for the series, though I loved the cocept. This scene gives me a lot more hope for the series; touching all sorts of buttons that I hadn't expected. This could be fantastic. A wonderful companion piece to BSG that will hopefully find new levels while deepening the impact of the show that spawned it. Really, really looking forward to this!

Anonymous said...

There is a character or two who "fly in" from Tauron...hopefully, they'll show them on their flights between the planets. I would like to see the cultures of the other planets - and they probably should show them since it is established that there is a current of bigotry flowing beneath Caprica.

Dameon Angell/Mathematik said...

Looool, whoa. I thought that was like, real for a minute. Thinking "Daaaymn, Caprica is frak'd up"

But if that's their version of the internet, then, so say we all. I want some.

Anonymous said...

Please stop using hulu, it's limited to the United States only and there's lots of European BSG fans out here that would appreciate being able to see all the trailers posted here.

Anonymous said...

Holoband? Is this club one big star trek style holodeck? God I hope not. Other than that it looks really interesting.

ProgGrrl said...

Sorry Omnia, but this is an American blog posting US links. But try or the player to see if you can access the material internationally...

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah holodeck blah blah blah holoband blah blah blah I can't tell the difference between Star Trek and BSG blah blah blah boring boring bellyache blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

@ The What
Never seen a comment that summed itself up so effectively.

Anonymous said...

For international viewers the "an exclusive clip" to SciFi link works just fine.

(Although, as "What" points out, you might have difficulties if you can't see the difference between what Caprica and Star Trek do with their respective virtual environments.)

radii said...

er, 12 geologically stable, climate-ready habitable planets in one star system? That bears some explainin`

Anonymous said...

There was probably terraforming involved. The RPG says that some are less hospitable than others and some are actually moons of gas giants.

The V-Club is different from a holodeck because "you" are actually a virtual avatar of yourself while there and it's all in cyberspace, whereas the holodeck projects an illusion around you. Not to mention the vast difference in what it's being used for, which is the really important thing.

Anonymous said...

American blog posting? What are you talking about? This is the internet. What? Have you been contacted about rights violation or something? Who're you trying to protect? This is rediculous.

Ron said...

I think V-Club scenes were shot on the same location as the infamous "Opera House" on BSG!

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