Monday, January 05, 2009

11 More Days. Time For a Spoiler PSA.

Before the final season starts and the final webisodes air, Logan and I wanted to take a moment to discuss the spoiler policy around here.

Galactica Sitrep has run with a “spirgin-sensitive” policy* for some time now, and we will continue to do so through the rest of the series and as far forward as this blog is going.

With even some journalists now wanting to establish an admirably hardcore anti-spoiler stance for season 4.5, this seems like a good time to explain the policy here in more detail.

While we link all the time to spoilers on other sites, and once in a while may actually announce a tiny one ourselves…in truth, neither Logan nor I wants to read spoilers about any more of the show from here on in. I have been avoiding about 95% of them since last spring; Logan has decided to abstain from any further spoilers starting now.

What does this mean here at Sitrep? For one thing, PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY SPOILERS IN OUR COMMENTS. Even with a “spoiler warning” notice, your comment will get deleted.

You can post a link to a spoiler on another site. That’s OK – as long as you warn about it, and you do not afterwords try to discuss said spoiler in our comments section. That will get you deleted.

After an episode (or webisode, or sneak peak clip, or promo ad) has aired, feel free here to discuss anything that happened in that ep. But you should not be randomly dropping spoilers about the future episodes into the conversation. That might get you deleted.

If there is a post where Logan or I specifically warn of spoilers in the comments, or want to discuss a certain spoiler in the comments, obviously you can openly discuss that item. But it does not mean we want to discuss any other random spoilers. That will certainly get you deleted.

If you see something in the comments that is spoilery, and it bugs you, feel free to ping ProgGrrl at gmail dot com and say something.  Maybe we missed it.

[* spirgin = spoiler virgin; the state of being utterly spoiler-free]


Anonymous said...

I agree ! i used to love spoilers for all shows, like lost or dexter, but now it is just more interesting without them and could never forgive myself for spoiling my favourite tv show of all time!! (ofcourse talking about bsg!)

so please, dont randomly link to a site that has the title "adama is the final cylon" or something lol.

Brisotope said...

I like being a spirgin too. There are a few things I heard on accident about the new episode and wish I hadn't. I even close my eyes at the beginning of the show when they flash preview scenes of that episode (why do they have to do that??).

And I think I will probably stick to my own policy of not watching previews that SciFi runs while the show is in season. I was really peeved when they played Chief's voice saying "We're all Cylons" in the preview for Crossroads back in S3.

ProgGrrl said...

I got my first bad taste of spoiler overload during one of the later seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which led me to avoid them again for a few years. But it was all the Starbuck death/whatever spoilers, and ultimately the utter spoiling of the entire plot of Crossroads Part 2 online, that made me finally go Team Spirgin.

No contest, definitely prefer to experience my favorite shows this way.

As one of the BSG writers has been known to say: "Who do you want telling you this story -- Ron Moore, or some random blogger?"

Anonymous said...

One of my mantras is "it's not the destination but the journey."

At work, I think of it as "it's not what you say but how you say it." - J

Anonymous said...

Kudos toboth you and Logan for not only taking a stand, but for being upfront about it. Keep it up and you're going to give bloggers a good name.

ProgGrrl said...

@final anonymous: Yeah well...we're 'random bloggers' too. All I know is, I fell head over heels with this show back when I knew absolutely nothing about who made it, how it was made, what was coming or what it was supposed to be about. Fresh and tasty, hot outta the oven. And I liked it that way.

Anonymous said...

Good policy. I heard about the fact that Baltar would get a trial -- which implied he would return to the colonial fleet -- as well as Starbuck's death ruined by headlines on Syfyportal, after which I refused to ever return!

I also was looking around youtube and someone (who wasn't trying to be mean) posted a comment in response to one I had made that Cally was rumored to die; surely enough, 2 days later "The Ties That Bind" aired and I had the ending spoiled; I was still unsure because I thought the rumor might have been misinformation.

Nice to know there are safe places to get news on the web!

crone51 said...

I totally agree with your policy. That will probably not stop me from hunting down information like the spoiler whore that I am. But, inspired by you and the lovely hostess of The Park Bench, I am going to try, at my advanced age, to turn over a new leaf and remain spoiler free from this moment on. It will be hard. I will probably have to be restrained for my own good, but I will try. As (the) god(s) is ( are) my witness(es) I shall try.

ProgGrrl said...

@crone - yess, good luck. :)

btw, what is The Park Bench?

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