Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Caprica, October 5th

Caprica returns to SyFy on October 5th.


Nicole Anell said...

1:57 = most awesome thing in history. :p

Anonymous said...

The key thing for fans to take from this news is that they have a responsibility to keep the show alive by WATCHING IT LIVE. Barring baby-sitting responsibilities or medical emergencies, there's no excuse for illegal downloading or even DVRing. If we don't watch it live, we're not getting that 2nd season.

It's a very small and fair price to pay, and is a hell of a lot cheaper than some doomed campaign after the fact to try to reverse a cancellation decision once it's made.

Also, buying the Season 1.0 DVD will help; there's at least 3 good stories on there: the very good pilot written by Ron Moore, "There Is Another Sky" by Kathleen Lingenfelter, and "Ghosts in the Machine" by Michael Taylor.

I've been a huge critic of the show's failure after the pilot to live up to what Ronald D. Moore professed and continues to profess the show is about -- which is essentially what Battlestar Galactica was about in that it would reflect our world to examine issues with political insight and dramatic realism. After the pilot, the show largely stuck to the CNN perception of things, caricaturing terrorists, while restricting moral ambiguity to a series of accidents and misperceptions; all the characters hadn't actually done these bad things intentionally.

Anonymous said...


What was especially painful was the dull drama, especially among the female characters. Though Amanda Graystone wasn't much in the pilot, she dragged everything down afterward. Where Zoe and especially Lacey were fascinating to watch in the pilot, they were forced into the cliche behavior of stereotypical teens afterward. Where Clarice had shown a glimmer of disturbing yet vital challenge to mainstream media norms by revealing that she actually supported the suicide bombing, she reneged on those beliefs and simply resorted to petty drug-taking (this was the series' lowpoint!) and silly conspiring.

Beyond BSG's political commentary, I also found I connected to the characters -- to Starbuck's pessimism about herself and her vulnerability, to Lee's idealism and sadness, and to Baltar's sense of guilt and fear of being found out as well as his pettiness. I found emotional threads of my life reflected in these characters in a way I hadn't found elsewhere.

My hope -- based on my faith in Ron Moore and the other actors and producers' statements to that effect -- is that the show becomes much better in the second half of the season. To paraphrase Ron Moore, this means more surprising dramatic turns and more exploration of terrorism. We need this stuff now -- not just to entertain and for the show's own sake, but for our world.

So, let's give this show one last chance. I think we'll be surprised!

Mark Sonntag said...

Given BSGs ratings were apparently bad I suspect we will see a second season based on DVD sales more than anything. I've put my order in. Unfortunately the show hasn't aired in Australia yet so this is the only way for me to see it legally. Though I have seen some downloads.

I must admit BSG had a bumpy start for me, I think the second have of season one lifted it from a cool remake to something really different . . . I loved the mini series and "33" though.