Monday, April 12, 2010

Ron Moore Speaks

Ronald D. Moore spoke to Den of Geek about Caprica and BSG, Virtuality, and other things. On the topic of "Daniel" the Number Seven Cylon from BSG the Q&A is as follows:

QUESTION:I wanna get a bit geeky here. Is there a connection between the Daniel mentioned toward the end of Galactica and Daniel Graystone?

ANSWER: No, that was a complete coincidence of name. I didn't realise how much people would glom onto that coincidence and start to read all kinds of things into it. There's really nothing there.

No new news on the potential new BSG spin off has yet to come forth.


Greg said...

Anyone who blabbed on about "ooh Daniel the Cylon #7 was Starbuck's father" or "ooh Daniel ? ooh it must be related to Caprica" was a frakking idiot and deserved to have their geek credentials revoked and sent off to a sports bar.

Logan Gawain said...

Yeah, I always thought it was odd how people latched on to that. It was just there for a sort of a spot on "Cain and Abel" story for Cavil, and that was it. It was just a sort of off hand thing, with not very much thought behind it, beyond the Cain/Abel reference.

Anonymous said...

I abhor the rampant theories regarding Number Seven, but Ron Moore himself says in the podcast for "No Exit" that there is some kind of connection between the absent model and the Caprica series. I only read this as far as Daniel being the namesake of the Final Five's favourite child (if not some personality types; Graystone does like the piano), but one we'd be left with to imagine for ourselves as it seem unlikely that the series will ever get as far as the end of the Cylon War. However, Moore's statements here some like he doesn't remember his own comment that suggested some significance, even if just a minor one.

Anonymous said...

"No, that was a complete coincidence of name. I didn't realise how much people would glom onto that coincidence and start to read all kinds of things into it."

If this is true, did he learn nothing from the fan reaction to Daniel on BSG, which he also did not anticipate? If you give the fans an inch, they'll turn it into a mile long theory.

Adam said...

Let's see, they run the entire show with the notion of there being only 12 cylon models and then make a huge deal out of the revelation of each unknown cylon model. Then they get all shocked when people think the revelation of 13th cylon model is a big deal?

The fact that the writers didn't realize how strongly fans would latch on to a 13th model is a weakness is the writing and NOT a weakness of the fans in question.

Naming the 13th cylon Daniel just made things worse. This and the last 2 minutes of the series are the biggest disappointments of BSG.

Anonymous said...

The reason people started making that connection is Jane Espenson's comments in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. Eick and Moore have had to do damage control because of that outburst. I'm glad there's no connection.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Adam there, though I'd confine my dislike of the finale to the last 30 seconds.

I myself remember hoping that the 13th cylon was Gaeta because I was saddened by his passing, and then I remembered it couldn't be him because Ellen would have met him before she died and would have recalled him upon her resurrection.

Regarding Virtuality DVD, Ron Moore had better have recorded that audio commentary as he promised for the DVD. I fear no special features, however.

On an unrelated point, I really wish Moore had done a better job on the extended eps. Eick promised us double episodes and, instead, we got lots of truncated stuff requiring we listen to podcasts or read outside info to fully comprehend. Total mess. The least he could have done is put the original cuts on DVD. I really hope they do this soon and not make me wait 20 years, at which point I'll either be dead or very uninterested.

ProgGrrl said...

Fans picked up on that Daniel thing WAAAAAY before Espenson joked about it. Totally silly.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the darn interview or Q&A in which Espenson hints this, but it wasn't a joke. She was strongly hinting that Number & was the same person as Daniel Graystone. A few weeks later, Eick emphatically backpeddled from that.