Friday, February 19, 2010

Paley Center announces NYC CAPRICA event

The Paley Center in New York City has just announced a CAPRICA panel! Finally something for us folks on the East Coast. Here are the details:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
6:30 pm ET, New York

Appearing In Person:

Ronald D. Moore, Co-Creator and Executive Producer
David Eick, Executive Producer
Paula Malcomson, "Amanda Graystone"
Alessandra Torresani, "Zoe Graystone"
Magda Apanowicz, "Lacy Rand"
Sasha Roiz, "Sam Adama"

Syfy’s new Battlestar Galactica prequel—more futuristic family saga than space opera—is a provocative, superbly crafted drama that, like its predecessor, tackles complex, highly resonant themes, such as religion, race, terrorism, technology, love, and the very nature of humanity. Like all quality drama, Caprica is not just emotionally and intellectually gripping, but also compels viewers to confront their own reality, even as they are swept up in this visually arresting, preapocalyptic world of sentient robots, avatars, and interplanetary travel.

The Paley Center will preview an upcoming episode from Caprica’s first season, followed by a discussion with members of the cast and creative team.

Paley Center Members: $15, tickets on sale now.
General Public: $25, tickets on sale Wednesday, February 24 at noon.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else going to be there? Got my tickets last Sunday and can't wait to see RDM in person.

Anonymous said...

I just hope someone asks Ron Moore when he'll come back to writing and rewriting scripts because what I'm seeing on Caprica is pretty embarrassing by BSG standards.

Logan Gawain said...

Hi Muld,

I'm sure Ron is rewriting eps, and supervising all the time. His name and David Eick's name are the names ultimately in charge. So whatever flaws there are on Caprica (I really can't comment on its flaws or merits as I haven't really watched much of the show) ultimately rest with the top executive producers.

There were reports of changes in the writing staff, and the hiring of a new showrunner as Caprica's production progressed, so I'm sure viewers might notice changes in tone in direction as the season airs.

Anonymous said...

I really hope so because what I've seen so far doesn't at all FEEL like Ron Moore's writing or even his plotting. I also hope this Kevin Murphy guy's up to it. "Desperate Housewives" credentials have me worried. I think this is more proof that Ron doesn't want to get that involved because it would have been more logical for him to step right back in as show runner, but he obviously didn't want to do that and that's sad.

I do hold Eick and especially Moore responsible for their selections of who does what, though. I just wish Moore would realize how crucial his writing was to BSG's success. Syfy is the only network willing to really do courageous things -- much more than any other network or Hollywood. And Ron's giving up an opportunity to use this wonderful gift form Syfy to speak truth to power and talk about present day issues without having to censor things. Whatever film project he's working on with Tom Cruise is not gonna be anywhere as great as what Syfy would let him do because Cruise is a coward and will ultimately go for a more commercial approach and try to avoid politics.

Logan Gawain said...

Yeah, I really don't know how busy RDM is with other stuff on his plate. I imagine it's quite a lot though.

I assume with Caprica he's just wanted to get it up and running, and then let other people offer their creative input and let them have a free hand. And actually, that's kinda cool. Imagine how much better the Star Wars prequels could have been if GL had let other people have the creative freedom. (Wouldn't Star Wars prequels written by Frank Darabont, or Tarantino, or others been more compelling than what we got from GL?) So, there can be value it letting others have some creative freedom with the BSG universe.

After all, RDM didn't originate BSG -- Glen Larson did. ;)

But, I see your point.

I'll reserve any opinion on Kevin Murphy until we start seeing his impact on the show.

I think I'll go watch the Caprica marathon that's on TV right now as I write this.