Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lost Pays Hommage to BSG

Chicago Tribune columnist Maureen Ryan reports on Lost's Last Supper photo:

Also recently released is this 8 minute 15 second "what the frak" synopsis of Lost seasons 1-5 so everyone is up to date for season 6 starting in February on ABC:


Anonymous said...

the monotone chick rapid patter voice over thing was never cool to begin with, and is now way way way way overdone.

Seriously lame. Almost as lame as putting periods after every single word in a phrase.

Liz said...

Using BSG's photo as a guide, I have the following preditions:

Sayid is the final Cylon!
Miles will kill Richard.
Frank and Ilana will get together.
Jack will Ascend.
Jin will get shot in the head.

And my personal favorite,
Sawyer will get a harem!