Friday, January 29, 2010

First Episode of Caprica Tonight

So, tonight is the first regular episode of Caprica. Last week's airing of the two hour pilot episode did not have huge ratings, noted The Hollywood Reporter. But:

Of course, most "Battlestar" fans interested in "Caprica" had probably already seen the first episode, since the pilot has been available on DVD and online. Syfy says that between Hulu, iTunes and, they've received about 2 million viewers pre-premiere. The second episode is always more telling than the first, and this time that goes double for "Caprica."

Besides last Friday everyone was watching Coco. But, there's no new Conan tonight, so everyone will watch Caprica, undoubtedly. Even Conan himself might be watching, along with the rest of the people of earth. And if you did miss Conan last week, his last show is still on Hulu.

So, there's no reason to miss out on Caprica tonight.

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