Friday, January 22, 2010

Caprica Reviews

The New York Times reviews Caprica.

Find out more about Caprica here and here.


mac said...

Mike Hale, the New York Times reviewer writes:
"So for “Caprica,” a spinoff, prequel series produced and written by many of the same people involved in “Galactica,” the action has been moved off the spaceship and brought down to earth — earth in this case taking the form of Caprica, one of 12 planets colonized by our distant descendants. (Strangely enough, in a future in which we have perfected space travel and settled on other planets, big swaths of our new home look like present-day Vancouver.)"

"Our distant descendants?" In the future?
Oh, really?
I love it when people know very little about what they write reviews of. :)

D said...

I like how the citizens of Caprica are referred to as "Caprica, one of 12 planets colonized by our distant descendants" rather than ancestors which, technically, they would be.

Jennifer said...

This guy was brainless... and claimed to watch BSG. Whatever.

Logan Gawain said...

Yeah, I sent a note to the author of that review at the New York Times informing him of his error. I hope they print a correction, but I doubt they will.

Anonymous said...

I came here to comment on the very same thing the four of you did. I love that all of us made it to the same point in that first paragraph, thought "WTF?", and felt the need to vent. Did you stop reading after that glaring error?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the guy knows anything about the original and re-imagined series or even Caprica, never mind watching any episodes.

Anonymous said...

Eh. All the reviews have been dead on. The show is not bad but needs a full season to shape up.

One would imagine most people would be terrified to be trapped in Frankenstein's monster's body. Zoe seems kinda underwhelmed with it. The whole Adama Jr running with tha wise guys seems out of place thus far. Drop the Uncle from the picture and let lil' Bill run the streets on his own. That coupled with his father's flawed nobility will add the grit and gravitas of the Admiral we have to know and love

Anonymous said...

Okay, I watched every ep of BSG at least twice. I LOVED it. That said, I haven't made a study of all the details, so forgive me if I'm misremembering here. But it doesn't seem wildly off-base to call them "distant descendants." (Big BSG spoilers ahead!) Admittedly they're not actually descendants since they would have descended from the same people that the 13th Colony who went to Earth, so I suppose we'd all have common ancestors. So they're more like "distant relatives." But if BSG takes place at a time when the Earth is an irradiated shell of a planet, that that suggests that it IS the future, doesn't it? And even if Caprica takes place 50 years earlier, that's still probably in the future for Earth since Earth is really in ruins by the time they get there. Doesn't that seem right?

If that is right, then from a writer's perspective, I can see why it would be easier shorthand for casual readers/viewers to say "distant descendents" than "distant relatives in the future."

All that said, I still haven't gotten through the Caprica pilot. I want so much to love it, and I do find it interesting, but it hasn't grabbed me yet (about 3/4 through). Hoping for a good payoff at the end. Who thinks it delivers?