Saturday, June 20, 2009


LA Times blog The Hero Complex had the honor of premiering online the new trailer that was shown earlier this month in LA. Naturally it got premiered on a Friday Night -- embrace the death slot, knuckledraggers.

This is such fun:


I'm very much looking forward to finding out more about this particular version of Number Six...


Anonymous said...

I'm not looking at a thing. Even finding out some spoilers of when this takes place was too much for me. I can't fracking wait for this! I really hope Sci Fi Wire was right and that this is airing in September instead of November! The DVD having 30 minutes of extra footage has me extra excited!

With Terminator's cancellation, the absence of The 4400, and the success of superficial meaningless shows like Heroes, Lost, and Abrams at the box office, I'm starving for meaningful commentary on our times. Same reason I'm excited about my man Ira Steven Behr taking over as head writer of Crash's Season 2!

BigNoseBob said...

I'm excited (as I am for anything BSG)...but skeptical. I can see this as potentially a pointless exercise, if it's too many scenes of "connect the dots". What has me worried about that is stuff like Cavil telling Doral to go blow himself up in the Galactica's hallway. Perhaps they're saving the big, twisty reveals for the film itself (I sure hope so), and/or the movie is about what the Cylon society was like pre-Downloaded/New Caprica. Fingers crossed.

A tangential thought: were there any Cylons besides Boomer who were "programmed to think they are human"? We saw numerous Cylons PRETENDING to be human, but who were later revealed to be fully aware of their true nature. I can't think of any off the top of my head...kind of a wasted opportunity if it's true (although they sure did a fantastic job with Boomers character arc :) )

Chas said...

A tangential thought: were there any Cylons besides Boomer who were "programmed to think they are human"?

The Final Five were all programmed to think they were human, although Boomer's the only Significant Seven Cylon they showed who was programmed to think she was human.

BigNoseBob said...

GOOD call on the Final Five, Chas. I guess my memory didn't count them since as you say Boomer is the only Significant Seven model we saw programmed...but in the scheme in the show I think they count. Thanks for reminding me :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why this has been scheduled so long after the DVD non-broadcast televison release of Caprica and the end of the show?

It seems it'd be more prudent to broadcast more directly in the wake of both, dunnit?

Bailey said...

At Wizard World in Philly this past weekend featuring; Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, Lucianna Carro and Nicki Clyne, EJO sort of implied that the reason it was being aired on tv (at all) was so the special effects people would be eligible (for award nominations). He said that the special effects are amazing and that we are all in for a real treat. He also said the version to be aired on Sci-Fi (SyFy) will be 88 minutes in length, whereas the DVD will be 155 minutes in length. The whole room gasped at that. Huge difference. He implored us all to watch both. The DVD he said will be released very soon (he said the next day but I think he was generalizing) after it airs.

Still, I cannot wait for this film. The passion for which EJO spoke of the Plan was very obvious he is proud of it not only as the director but also in what he feels the fans expectations are.

ProgGrrl said...

@Bailey - I was stunned by your 155 minutes number and checked with some more fans...I think EJO is saying the DVD version will only be 30 minutes longer, not 60. But still, that's great!

Bailey said...

@ Progrrl; I agree that 155 minutes is A LOT more than 88, almost twice as long. However he did actually say in Philly, "155 minutes". Its possible he may have been including extras like deleted scenes and other fun stuff but no one asked. I'm sure that's why everyone kinda gasped, however no one corrected him or asked him to clarify. It's completely possible that he didn't do the math right either, but who knows! Either way I'm looking forward to seeing this film, both versions!

ProgGrrl said...

Hmm, yeah, maybe he's including extras too? I can't wait to find out... ;-)

Anonymous said...

@Bailey. Thank you for an answer regarding "The Plan". It is sometimes difficult to get a straight answer for a simple question.

Bailey said...

@ madmonq

no problem, I can finally do you, and everyone one better. I found a video clip online of the Philly Wizard World Panel. The blogger that posted several clips from the event, posted the one that specifically has the "155 minutes" part.

Here is the URL for the video:

The "155 minutes" part is at the very end. Its a little hard to hear, but I was sitting up front, so I heard it plenty well while I was there.

I agree with proGrrl in that its a surprising difference. If the story is sufficient enough at 88 minutes I cannot imagine all they are removing that will enhance the story all the way to being 67 minutes longer.... He may have meant the uncut/un-edited version or he may have been including all the special features. We are all in the dark til autumn falls.....


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