Monday, April 06, 2009

Something for your BSG DTs

If you are still recovering from BSG withdrawl DTs, let me suggest a few shows that might help fill the void.

KINGS (NBC; Hulu) - Brings the ancient tale of David and Goliath into a modern city setting, populated by incredible actors such as Ian McShane (DEADWOOD), Eamonn Walker (OZ), Dylan Baker and Brian Cox. Shakespearean level drama plus metaphors of politics, religion, leadership that remind me weekly of BSG. But sorry -- no robots. Sunday nights on NBC. ETA: NBC just announced the final 8 eps of the series are going to air Saturday nights starting April 18.

Pilot episode "Goliath"

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES (Fox; Hulu) - Here's your robots folks! Religious metaphors, intense and beautiful women (some metal) kicking huge amounts of ass, an endless war between cyborgs and their human creators, apocalypse threatening around every corner. And for added fun: TIME TRAVEL. Yes, the season is over next Friday; yes, there are rumors of the show's imminent cancellation. But look...we are just trying to patch up our wounds here, people. It doesn't have to last forever. Season finale is Friday April 10 on Fox. ETA: and sorry I forgot to mention -- Bear McCreary does the music for this show.

Episode 211 "Self-Made Man"


Charlie said...

I've been really enjoying Kings since peeps over on the IMDB BSG boards said to check it out. My mom loved BSG so I'm trying to convince her Kings is worth her time, but she says Ian McShane scares her. Her loss I guess.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these recommendations. Post-BSG DTs are rough! Another plus for the Sarah Connor Chronicles--Bear McCreary's score! If they can get Mary McDonnell to guest star as a cyborg, my world will be right again.

Anonymous said...

I love the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Great acting. The 3-parter on Rily and Jesse were fantastic. It's too bad so much of this season wasn't up to that quality, but I really admire the writers for always taking chances and telling stories in unusual ways (the Mexico story, the librarian story, etc), especially the only BSG writer to always hit a home run: Toni Graphia.

I just wish the black guy were less self-consciously bent on viewing religion and belief in God as determinant of ethics. He's a bit too one-note.

I really hope it gets renewed. The show can't cost that much; the T-1000 looks worse than Odo on DS9, so it's not like their shelling all-out on the special effects.

gorehound13 said...

I watch TSCC and enjoy the show.It does have a bunch of cool scifi things like robots and time travel to name a few.

Kings I stay away from as I don't enjoy soap operas.I will probably dislike Caprica as well and I put up with BSG soap opera cause it gave us a ton more scifi coolness.cylons spaceships battles exploring outer space to name a few.

ProgGrrl said...

@gorehound: saying KINGS is "soap opera" is like saying the play HAMLET is "soap opera." I'm sorry you cannot see the difference, it's a damned shame.

D said...

I can't say I agree with you about TTSCC but I do like Kings. Aside from the excellent acting the sets and costumes are riveting.

Anonymous said...

Mad Men is also excellent an excellent replacement drug for the crack that is Battlestar. A big of Christina Hendricks can cure whatever ails ya.

General Boy said...

I'll try. I've heard good things about Kings and Mad Men. I've never seen Lost, either. I know, I know. I've seen a few episodes of TSSC; they seemed pretty lame. Maybe I'll give it another chance, though, based on the enthusiastic endorsements here.

I've been dealing with my DTs by watching the BSG miniseries again and again. I also watch highlights from the finale. Pathetic. I did re-watch THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS in an attempt to snap me out of it. Go figure.

I've been putting off going to see WATCHMEN because I'm all drama-ed out from BSG (that, and I have cold feet. The graphic novel was so good).

It's like I've broken up with someone, and it's too early for me to start dating again! I'm just not interested in watching anything else right now. Am I insane? Am I asking the right people this question ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ General Boy - If it means anything to you, I'm gonna say it - you are not insane. I know something about this feeling. It really *is* too early. Just need to give the DT some time to pass.


Unknown said...

I for one am trying to go the fun route. I'll be checking out Krod Mandoon (sp?) on Comedy Central.

And I'm willing to bet that I'll find at least one BSG alum on the next season of Damages (my favorite current show). I have a feeling.

ProgGrrl said...

@katie: Oh wow, if any former BSGers show up on DAMAGES, I will be a very, very happy camper!

While I am missing Michelle Forbes on IN TREATMENT's new 2nd season...I am consoling myself with dreams of all the havoc she will be wreaking as Maryann on TRUE BLOOD this summer. Heheh...

martel said...

Speaking of DTs.

Something has been on my mind since the finale. I'm sure it's been brought up before, but I haven't personally seen it addressed.

There were a whole of lot of folks on the Galactica (and the RTF too for all we know) who were alcoholics and/or drug addicts. Eschewing all technology would also mean eschewing those items as well. I wonder how many would have died from sudden withdrawls. It is my understanding that the DTs and other types of withdraws have been known to be deadly.

Kinda puts a whole new spin and the Saul/Ellen finally being alone thing, don't you think?

Challabuck said...

Lost is the tonic we seek. Savor it while it lasts, because writing this good is fleeting (as we know all too well).

Anonymous said...

I've watched "Lost" consistently, and I can say it's grown pretty tiresome since after the end of Season 3 -- just incredibly formulaic and unrealistic drama. It makes me so angry that this show gets all the kudos, while BSG is laughed at by so many, such as Richard Roeper, who'll never watch it.

Martel, they let them take provisions, so perhaps Doc Cottle is taking care of them. Then again, I don't remember anyone so badly addicted that they couldn't survive withdrawal. Then again, I know nothing about drugs or withdrawal.

I still can't believe BSG is over. There was so much life left in it -- so many themes and so many characters left to explore.

General Boy said...

Has anyone else here gone back to watch the miniseries again these last ~2 weeks? It's so strong now that it has all come to an end.

It's fun to watch it just because I still enjoy all of the hooks in the story that pulled me into it. Then, there's just the poignancy of seeing all of those characters that passed like Billy, Dee, and Gaeta. It such a well-made movie.

~sigh~ I need to move on now. Caprica?

Unknown said...

As a U.S. citizen living in Korea it is hard to know what is good. However, I also recommend Kings, Sarah Connor, Deadwood, and Crusoe.

Umut said...

I started watching TSCC for the sake of Bear McCreary but it's a cool series, not comparing with BSG but it's cool.

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