Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TV Guide Feature Scans

Via Spoiler TV, here are scans of the TV Guide BSG feature. Logan read the piece, and tells me it does have some spoilers which I, and some of you out there, probably do not want to read.
Tread lightly...


alsotop said...

Don't know if its airbrushing, but some of them look really different in these TV Guide photos, Katee and James especially...

Anonymous said...

Not especially spoilery, but there are one or two minor teases in there. For instance, the article contains word on at least one character who is part of the last scene of the last episode; it's not much of a spoiler, but it still qualifies. Just that sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Most of this was already in Mo Ryan's piece.

abeyer42 said...

No spoiler here, but a PC dumbing down of the show: "...[the new BG] took the war on terror to deep space...drawing clear parallels between the humanoid cylons and the sleeper agents of Al Qaeda". Errmm, I don't think it's quibbling to note the parallels were anything but clear (colonial suicide bombers, colonials torturing/raping suspects, etc) and the ambiguity was a big part of why the show was so damn thought-provoking.

Adam Whitehead said...

That list of the 'ten best episodes' is a bit of an eye-opener. Scar? Really? The Ties That Bind? Hmm.

No Pegasus? No Exodus Part 2? What about Valley of Darkness or even the mini-series? Very odd choices there.

ProgGrrl said...

@Adam: of *course* Scar goes on a ten best list! Are you joking? 0_o

No seriously, I'd put it on there. But you might not. And that says all there needs to be said about lists.

Adam Whitehead said...

I'm not saying that Scar is a bad episode (although it suffers from that annoying flashback overload that Season 2 used too much of at that point) at all, but getting on there ahead of Exodus II, or Occupation/Precipice or Revelations or Downloaded or Pegasus seems a bit odd.

Individual views may differ of course, but almost every other BSG fan I have encountered will wax lyrical at length about the Tigh/Ellen scene or the Galactica atmo-drop or the last run of the Pegasus or Tigh and Starbuck's heartbroken return to Galactica. Starbuck and Kat trying to shoot down a Raider? Not quite as often.

Logan Gawain said...

Oh, I think Scar is worthy of being on the list. But yeah, a list without Pegasus is a bit odd. (Especially since they included Resurrection Ship.) And of course Exodus II would have to be on any list.

And Revelations & Sometimes A Great Notion really go hand in hand.

Maybe when it's all over Galactica Sitrep will put together a top ten, or top 20 episodes list. Sounds like a fun project.

coonyham said...

Exodus II, Scar, Unfinished Business and 33 are my favorite 4. To make a top 10 list, I'm sure I would leave off many favorites (of others). I hate lists. But Woman King and Scar are my *least* favorites and how many four season series shows can have only 2 episodes that are somewhat marginal. My mom watched Blood on the Scales and was INSTANTLY hooked, she is watching season 1 now. :)))) WOO.

coonyham said...

WOOPS, I meant the episode Heros, not Scar. I felt it went nowhere special, like Woman King and was "skipable".

I loved Scar.

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