Friday, March 20, 2009

To Be Continued

"The love that people have for [BATTLESTAR GALACTICA] is overwhelming...

[On BSG,] the writers would write something. The actors, directors, production team would then take it to another level. Then the editors and post production people would take it to another level. And then we would show it on the air -- and the audience would take it to another level...

In every step, it became more..."

-- Edward James Olmos

This is ours now folks. Forever. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

My gods, it was such a marvelous journey. I never wanted it to end.

Thank You, Ron Moore and David Eick for creating best TV show in history of mankind.

Thank You, all the people involved, amazing actors, genius writers and great directors, and any other single person that has ever helped BSG to happen.

Thank You, Bear McCreary for the unbelievable music to the unbelievable series. You are the God of Sounds.

Thank You, ProgGrrl and Logan. You guys are just the best. The best.

I actually burst into tears.

Glory to the Battlestar Galactica.

Let the memory of it never vanish.

So say we all!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It *is* ours, all of ours, now. I imagine those that stayed along for the whole ride - actually, I'm betting that's the large majority - are very very satisfied.

Anonymous said...

We will never again see its like in our lifetime, simple as that.

Corey said...

About halfway through season one, I guessed they would end up on Earth in our past, essentially taking the role of the Atlanteans.

I seemed to be wrong when they found it nuked.

I hadn’t counted on kara’s song inspired jump to be steered 150,000+ years into the past by a naked singularity. o_0

What puzzles me is why the idiots don’t realize it’s earth!

Continents didn’t change in such a short time-span.

Robert Cruickshank said...

In one of the threads on Daybreak Part 1 I said that I wasn't worried, that I didn't need every question answered, that I just needed a sense of...well, closure (to use a cliché). A sense that even though our privilege to follow these characters had come to an end, that I was ready to let go, ready to wave goodbye.

And the finale more than satisfied that. It was stunning, amazing, and brilliant.

Best. Show. Ever.

Daniel said...

Will definitely go down as the all time greatest.

Honored to be a part of it.

Eric said...

During the Miniseries, Baltar and Six were on Caprica, and as he excused himself to go to a meeting, Six says something like"I wasn't expecting to run into you." to an unseen mystery person.

I was hoping that when they had the Balter/Six flashback, that they would show who she ran into.

Brian said...

Eric, I think the odds are in favor of that tidbit being revealed in "The Plan." I would put money on it.

Anonymous said...

They didn't go into the past, the Earth they found was a different planet from "Revelations" Earth. It's the Earth we saw at the end of "Crossroads". We didn't see any of "Revelations" Earth's continents, on purpose.

William Cox said...

I can barely see through my puffy tear stained eyes, but I have to say I'm pretty heartbroken that we never got to see a final goodbye between Adama and Tigh. That relationship was one of the most important. Maybe on the DVD?

Andric said...

Corey, there was no time travel involved. If there had been, how would the rest of the fleet been able to join Galactica?

Neil Lavitt said...

It was a different planet... the rest of the fleet jumped to meet them. If they had jumped in time the fleet would have vanished. Besides, the angel Six and Baltar referred to The Real Earth.

A great journey - thanks to all the writers, directors, actors etc.. and Ron Moore of course. I was deeply skeptical when they decided to re-image this series, but the results has been breathtaking television.

Wes said...

I have been with
BSG since the mini-series. Shortly after it aired, I tried emailing everyone that had any connections to it, pleading that that miniseries deserved to be a series (not knowing that was probably the plan all along). Wow, I have loved the entire ride... I agree with those that say this has been the BEST show on television...period. I feel such a loss now that it is over, and I feel sorry for those that have no idea why we on here love it so much. No show has ever pulled me in so emotionally... I had never cried at anything, but with BSG there was tears almost every episode it seemed. Thanks for everyone involved with the show for a great experience. Now, can we get a campaign going to insist on a prequel about the first cylon war, saul tigh and husker adama!

ccc said...

And the journey ended...
With beauty, peace and love.

I too feel lucky and proud to be part of the BSG family today.

"There's no such thing as races, there's only one race, the human race, so say we all !" EJO

Ben Grimm said...

Thanks from Spain to every people that have had anything to do with this series.

I always have disliked those regrettable TV series that jump the shark, or those ones that they don't know how to finish. Now that Battlestar Galactica and their fleet has gone in a blaze of glory, i can only say that I can't imagine a better end for the series.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for wasting 6 years of our lives, Ron! xxoo <3

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