Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time Sensitive

A couple of time-sensitive things have popped up this week, so let me post them all here right away:

There is a contest over at Wet Paint BSG Wiki to win a CAPRICA pilot film DVD, which asks you to guess how many BSG characters will still be standing at the end of the finale.

AfterEllen will be hosting a live chat online with BSG/CAPRICA writer/producer Jane Espenson, this Thursday at 9pm ET.

Something to read (and bitch about) before Friday night: Ron Moore discussing the fan theories that have popped up around Daniel The Cylon, during the podcast commentary for "Islanded in a Sea of Stars." Since we don't have a spoiler-cut here, I've posted a transcript at the BSG blog. Thanks to reader Trey for typing it up!


Greg said...

THANK YOU RON, for debunking that silly meme that was getting kicked around...but once again, too many cuts make it easy for fans to infer stuff that simply isn't there.

Naming him "daniel" didn't help either as it started a wave of nonsense about it being "daniel greystone." I mean, come on people!

But again, thank you RON for debunking this early so viewers can watch the finale and just watch it without that distraction!!!!!

J. said...

I agree. I don't think this is 'bitch-worthy' in fact, it makes me feel better!

Can't wait for the finale!

asdflj asdflj said...

Staff from The Howard Stern Show view the final episode. A non-spoiler recap here: http://www.marksfriggin.com/news.htm#tue
Scroll down to Battlestar Galactica Discussions. 03/17/09. 7:40am

ProgGrrl said...

LOL Howard has also fallen victim to the dreaded Answer Angst... ;-)

Eric H said...

@ ProgGrrl: ROFL! I'll have to call in to Howards' show and do a testimonial about how I too was afflicted by Answer Angst, until ProgGrrl (praise be) set me FREE, thank the gods, mmm-hmmmm.

Condolences to the Daniel people. I mean that nicely, because I totally see both how (a) smart people could go there, and (b) Ron didn't anticipate it. It's kind of amazing that online fandom for this (or any) show has gotten so big that the head honcho takes to the airwaves to try to head off a mass revolt before the big finale.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I kinda was mad at Ron for creating the whole Daniel thing in the first place. It seemed like some strange little sidetrack that he didn't need as much as he thought he did.

ProgGrrl said...

@rachel: Actually, I kinda like all the tangents and backstory they throw into this show. But it seems to annoy other fans...to each her own.

Anonymous said...

@Greg: The Daniel Graystone remains to be debunked. Ron Moore actually referenced a tie between Daniel and the new Caprica series in his commentary for "No Exit".

@Rachel: I was extremely happy with the Daniel backstory; it explained the Cylon numbering system very well, and gave more layers to Ellen & Cavil. I didn't take it as anything more than that when it aired, but then started to wonder if maybe I was wrong as every fan site seemed to latch onto the idea that Daniel was more central than I'd expected. If he'd been more that would have been fine with me, but I think his addition to the mythos works on it's own.

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't know why they fixed the numbering problem by creating a new character who existed only in a backstory.

This would have been a workable solution, but they gave him a name and a personality archetype (sensitive artist), implying that he lived for a time before his line was discontinued.

I think that Daniel as Starbuck's father makes a lot of sense. He's a pianist, and one of the first things Starbuck said to him was to call him oversensitive. Plus their names begin with the same letter, suggesting that Daniel could've gone into hiding.

Plus both Anders and Ellen mentioned him, when only Ellen needed to to fix the numbering system and give Cavil backstory, and when Anders mentioned Daniel, Starbuck asked about the name, "Did you say his name was Daniel?"

I think that drawing the conclusion he's her father makes sense, and reads on screen as a possibility. And it would be economic and efficient with regard to the narrative, drawing together several different plotlines in one relationship (Starbuck-Daniel (father, #7)). Hopefully he's still relevant somehow as Daniel Greystone? I'm confused about that "nod" to Caprica RDM mentioned.

Logan Gawain said...

The thing is, it wasn't just fan sites that got caught up in Daniel mania, mainstream reviewers did as well. (Go back and look at the reviews I posted for Someone to Watch Over Me and you'll find review after review that made a Daniel/Starbuck's dad connection.) Plus, I heard that Sci-Fi.Com sent out some kind of text message the night Someone To Watch Over Me aired, and that stated as a fact, some revelation about Kara -- can anyone confirm that? In any event it now seems that the text message they themselves sent out was wrong.

So, I think it's legit to criticize them for clearly not thinking this whole thing through. Ron should have realized that people would make connections to Kara, or Kara's dad when Daniel was noted as artistic.

And, no I don't think Daniel plays into Caprica either. Caprica takes place more than 50 years before the Final Five arrive, so since they made Daniel and the 7 others, it can't possibly be in Caprica.

Charlie said...

I think the only connection Daniel will serve with Caprica maybe a naming "In Honor Of". Or that Daniel Greystone infact was the first Hybrid seeing that he says his "children" refer to him as God. If he is the first Hybrid that would mean that Caprica could go on for more than one season so they can segue into the First Cylon War and the attempts at creating the Skin-Jobs. To have Caprica tie into BSG at that point would make for a fantastic and strong mythology that can be watched.

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