Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ron Moore forum Q&A

Many things that you guys have been discussing here this week, were addressed in this Q&A Ron Moore did the other night on the BSG forum.

Food for thought...


Eric H said...

Thanks, ProgGrrl, this was a great read. RDM showed himself to be a classy, gracious and thoughtful guy.

Lots of interesting info and perspective from him here, but for me the most interesting is that he doesn't see the ending as nihilistic, because the story argues that more than just bits of Hera's DNA have survived -- that big chunks of their culture and technology were somehow transmitted to our present world through some sort of collective unconscious, even though everything of their world was actually extinguished for tens of thousands of years. Essentially, Lee's plan succeeded.

RDM also acknowledges that people can (and are) challenging how realistic that story is, but he's right that it's a different argument. Taken on its own terms, his story stakes out existential territory firmly on the side of lasting meaning for the Colonials' and Cylons' existence.

As for the whole collective unconscious idea, I personally put it in the realm of mysticism or even religion, and certainly not science -- but clearly that fits well with the other ways the show ended.

General Boy said...


Thanks for sharing this. I don't go to the SciFi forum because it's just too crazy for me. This was a really illuminating and interesting thread, though.

I don't watch any television, really. I watch BSG and 30 Rock, that's it. I'm not really a science fiction fan by any serious standard, either. Sure, I know many of the popular books, shows, and movies, but that's about it. I never really cared for the Star Trek franchises, and I've never watched all of those other SciFi shows with all the people with the stamps and wrinkles on their foreheads.

I never had any intention of watching this show, either. The mere idea of a BSG remake seemed patently silly to me. I only happened to see the miniseries when it aired. Then, I was hooked. I remember thinking, "The cylons believe in a god?" The idea blew my mind.

There's been a lot of talk here about what SciFi fans want, rules about Science Fiction itself, and other such topics. As you can see, I can't speak to such topics in a personal way. I hold no real preconceived notions when I read a book or watch a film, especially anything in the genre of Science Fiction. The more I am challenged by a work of art, though - the more I am forced to confront and question my knowledge and wisdom - the more enticed I am by that work.

I loved the show. I laughed; I cried. I gained new perspectives. In a world where precious little material is of any real value, this series was special.

Thank you. I am now going to watch my backlog DVRs of ANTM.


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