Friday, March 20, 2009

Graduation Day

Ron Moore's wife Terry, aka "MrsRon," posted this message from Ron today on the official BSG forum (HT BSG Contentquake):

I don’t want this day to happen.

I want it to be rescheduled, rethought, removed and recalled.

Tomorrow the story will be over, my tale having been told, and never again will there be the sweet anticipation of waiting for the next episode to be shown to fans and friends. The thought of it makes my heart ache even as swells with pride.

All I know is that today there is a show called Battlestar Galactica and tomorrow there was.

There will be joy in that too, I’m sure, touching the thread of memory and feeling it resonate all the way back to soundstages, locations, cutting rooms, writers’ rooms, and sound bays where I lived for all these years and being comforted by the knowledge that a part of me will never truly leave those places. There will be reunions and retrospectives, special editions and extended cuts, interviews and seminars. Solace can be found.

We’d called the last season Senior Year and here, today, as I prepare to present the final episode to an audience of friends, colleagues, and family, I find myself feeling the same way I did on Graduation day at Chowchilla Union High, all those years ago. The mosaic of faces I’d grown accustomed to seeing day after day would regroup for one last event, one last celebration of our lives together and what we’d done, and then it would be gone but for the transcendent threads of memory waiting to resonant down through the years. I didn’t want that day to happen either and fervently wished for it to be rescheduled, rethought, removed and recalled.

Somehow I get the feeling that today’s wish will not be granted either. So this day, like that one, will wax and wane and all I can do is ride the wave and let it carry me where it will.

Thank you, all of you for coming here through the years. The shippers and the haters, and everyone in between; you’ve watched and you’ve posted and you’ve been a touchstone for my experience with the audience ever since that night back in 2003 when we first declared that the Cylons were created by Man and things were going to be different. It’s been a genuine pleasure to surf your thoughts, rants, questions, snarks, complaints, praise, and humor as you watched our story play out and rest assured I will be here again tomorrow poring through the posts, laughing, cursing, sometimes just shrugging at what you take away from this crazy show.

It’s been an honor to be your storyteller.

Ronald D. Moore
About to be former Executive Producer of Battlestar Galactica

Ah, frak. So say we all Ron, SO SAY WE ALL. ::another drink::


Anonymous said...

My gods. What an emotional day this is for everyone attached to, a fan of, and affected by this great show. Reading this heartfelt letter from Ron has already threatened to start the waterworks that I know are coming later on tonight.

I still remember tuning in to the miniseries at college, and now, 6 years later, I am graduated and in the real world, with real-world responsibilities. That this show has been a wonderful part of my life is not in doubt; the question is, how will any mere 'show' affect me the way this one has? I'm not sure one can.

I have already decided that I am watching the denouementof my favorite show alone, with the lights off, with a glass of ambrosia and a smooth cigar. Cheers to a great show, and cheers to Ron Moore. It has been a pleasure listening to the stories you have told.

~ Jan Michael Merchant

crone51 said...

Thanks too, to you guys here at sitrep. Yours was the first BSG site I stumbled onto when I became the crazed obsessive I am now about a year ago.You have enriched my enjoyment of this show so very much!

Glad to see you have Caprica Sitrep already to go!

Bobak said...

Thank you sitrep for all your hard work over the years!

ProgGrrl said...

This is to Logan: thank you for making this site in the first place, it was a haven for me when I first got hooked, and then finally became hardcore addicted, to this crazy show. And thanks for inviting me to help you write it. What a blast.

Much love to the fangrrls on the skiffy/siffy BSG forum, for all the laughs and wisdom...and to my various BSG "sources" -- THANKS FOR THOSE BACKSTAGE PASSES DUDES, I hope I didn't embarass fandom too much.

Blog on you frakheads...

Justin said...

So say we all indeed.

Thank you to Logan and ProgGrrl for having this wonderful site and updating it *all the time* for us obsessive fans. Coming here has been almost as much fun as watching the show!

Elrond L said...

Wow . . . the waterworks are indeed starting early! It's been hard to concentrate today and I can't recall when a TV show's finale ever did that before. Thank you, Ron, for your heartfelt note and thanks to sitrep for sharing it with us (and for being the greatest site).

I don't want this night to end either . . . but BSG will always hold a special place as the show that accompanied me in the completion of my first book. Bear's amazing music was my companion for so many photo trips! In fact, I'm playing Season 3 now to get into the proper mood. :-)

Ron, you and the cast & crew will move on to bigger and better things, but 'Battlestar' will always be your masterpiece. Thank you.

Greg said...

First let me light a lighter as ProgGrrl and Logan ROCK for creating such an awesome site...the coolest, most BS free, and all around AWESOME BSG site. (cue roaring crowds)

I'll never forget the first time I saw BSG... I had to be literally dragged out of my apartment to go watch the miniseries on tivo, SUPER skeptical. After it ended, I was blown away like the drones in that Apple "1984" ad.

BSG has been my lead-in for many blog posts on politics, San Francisco's transit system and more, and the experience of the Adama for President committee was amazing (our firm now uses BSG-based demos for all our products).

I'm in a bit of a denial right now...I don't have cable so I always download it off of iTunes late late at for now I'm kinda denying it's happening and staying off the Series of Tubes to avoid spoilerramadrama.

Still, I'm sure I'm gonna lose it when I see it. Esp. when the clock is ticking down to the last minutes....

Anonymous said...

So say we all.

teresa the writer formally known as flyingwaitress said...

beautiful and moving. The best writing from a tv show I have ever been blessed to witness. It rivals the most oscar nominated films. Bravo!

Also, thought provoking and inspiring ending. I did not fracking see that coming! :-)

Jordan=Cylon said...

I actually cried reading this. I feel very proud of what this show did for me as an audiance member. I am also proud that the show will change TV forever. Thank you you Ron Moore, and David Eick for your incredible vision, and thank to all other involved in the show.

Anonymous said...


I feel those very emotions, that Ron is describing. The show has meant such a great deal to me. And will always be. It has changed TV and the history of storytelling forever.

So say we all.

KatyDid said...

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the show, for making it arguably one of the best television shows ever produced.

coonyham said...

Thank you to Logan and ProgGrrl for your amazing site. It's truly a labor of love and gives us all a home to visit where we can indulge our love of all things BSG.

BSG was the most amazing drama on TV; I've been obsessed with the characters, their stories, the issues they experienced and the consequences of actions and decisions.

I'm a big soggy mess right now. The finale was so amazing. My thanks to Ron and David for their vision and creativity through the years. Thought-provoking drama... I wonder what's next?

SactoMan01 said...

When I finished seeing the last 40 minutes of Daybreak, I realized I had watched one of the most amazing TV series finales I've EVER seen.

In many ways, it was the exact opposite of The Sopranos ending, because it something The Sopranos ending lacked: true closure. Moore left enough ambiguity that we could argue about the aspects of "Daybreak" for many hours on end (as I've seen from multiple message boards online), but included enough clarity that the we all agree the series did come to a reasonably satisfying end.

We all knew Ronald D. Moore was an exceptional member of the entertainment industry from his work on the various newer Star Trek series in the 1980's and 1990's; the amazing success of Battlestar Galactica is truly his grand triumph, one I really hope that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will approve of with multiple Emmy nominations this summer. :-)

Anonymous said...

I also want to add my thanks to you guys for providing such an exhaustive, professional resource. It's undoubtedly been the first port of call each day for many, many fans of BSG. Well done.

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