Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good News Bad News

The good: yesterday's entire U.N. panel is now archived on the U.N. Webcast Archives. Here is a more direct link that opens up the video itself (RealPlayer).

The very, very bad: I just heard from youtuber SevorTB that youtube HAS DELETED HIS ENTIRE FRAKKING ACCOUNT for copyright violation. A treasure trove of BSG videos from the past several seasons has just been taken down. SevorTB, thank you so much for all your hard work and all the pleasure you've brought over the years to fans around the world. This frakking sucks.


Justin said...

Wow - that *does* suck! Thank you, SevorTB for your previous efforts over the years! I understand that there may be some copyright issues, but I can't believe it ever affected ratings and/or DVD sales. If anything, I bet your videos helped the show gain new viewers.

supernatural66 said...

This is why I hate YT! Bummer.....

Zack said...

If he's smart, he had copies saved locally. If not, sometimes Youtube will suspend an account until the user agrees to take down certain videos, at which point they'll reinstate it. Usually they don't care about commercials or other promotional material, which comprised the bulk of his videos, so maybe they'll allow those when/if they reinstate his account. Most likely it was a combination of the clips from Daybreak and, once they dug a little deeper, DVD deleted scenes that got their attention.

Grant Gould said...

Holy shit.. That sucks.. o.o

"SevorTB" has always been such a great BSG YouTuber..

Heather said...

Frak YouTube. Upload them to Photobucket. lol.

General Boy said...

Is SeverTB OK? I mean, he's alright? Right? YouTube didn't mess him up, did they? Like this?

Rasmus said...

Zack has probably got it right. It's a very fine line. Strange timing, though -- I can understand shutting him down after the series is done, to better control access to materials on the DVD/BD sets and just BSG advertising in general, but to alienate fans right before the finale after you've allowed this to go on for so long just seems dim-witted.

Cristina said...

Hey guys, has anyone been able to access the video from the UN site? I can't seem to be able to view/download it, anyone else got this problem?
Thanks a bunch.
PS: YT sucks more and more each day...

ProgGrrl said...

SevorTB is reborn as BSGdepot now. He's gonna stick with posting only promos & ads, and lay off the DVD/ep clips, in the hopes that youtube & NBCU will stay friendly.

Chris said...

It's sad to see that happen, but NBCU, Sci-Fi Channel, and YouTube were acting well within their rights. I'm slightly surprised this had not happened before.

Peter said...

It really has nothing to do with YouTube. They obviously received a lot of copyright violation notices from Sci-Fi Channel and acted on them. They have a legal obligation to remove such material. A shame, I wish it was still up there, but there's no blame here to cast on YouTube.

Captain Incredible said...


Anonymous said...

It's so idiotic. Youtube isn't going to replace watching the show on TV or buying the DVDs. They used to have clips of scenes I could email to journalists and stuff pleading my case for how amazing the show is and why they should watch it in 2006-2007. Then they were removed. Why!? Is someone not going to buy the DVD or watch the episode on TV because of a 3 minute scene?! No way. If anything youtube clips that have a few minutes of each episode and other stuff helps the show by advertizing it. I got into Jeff Buckley last year because there were youtube clips that helped me check his stuff out. I've now spent well over 100 dolloars buying his back catalogue.

The guys behind this move are not thinking at all and are part of why the show will continue to remain a niche show laughed at by mainstream audiences who refuse to check out the show because of its name.

Mysterius said...

Hey, what can YouTube do? Until content owners learnt to treat fans as friends and not infringers, shit like this will happen.

That said, this does suck, and my heart grieves for the tragedy.

Englander said...


That made me LOL.

Seriously though, these fucking sites tend to protect people like Chris Crocker and his fucking makeup than the likes of a decent person offering good material to normal people who enjoy a TV Show.

Youtube is going to eventually become a victim of it's own success, when the licensing, copyrights hog it down to the point where it's pointless to watch any videos another site will pop up and take over.

How about pissofflicensesandcopyrighttube or

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