Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Shaun Clayton of Topless Robot for Denver Westword imagines some 20 hilarious possible endings of BSG. There's no spoilers, just wild, surreal speculation. Here are few of my favorites from the list:

4) The ship runs out of booze. Adama and Tigh, seeing rainbow-colored bugs everywhere thanks to the D.T.s, go on a shooting spree and murder everyone onboard the Galactica.

3) The last episode features Ronald D. Moore appearing on camera. He says, "Well, we've all had a good run, haven't we? Let us just not end the series at all, and just hold this good feeling in our hearts forever." Ronald D. Moore then just stares at the camera for three hours.

2) There is an amazing, well written ending to the show that ties many discreet plot elements together that nobody expects, but the Sci-Fi Channel refuses to broadcast it until 2015. In the meantime, there are seventeen different Galactica-related spinoffs to watch, all of them terrible.

Enjoy the full list of 20 endings here.