Thursday, March 05, 2009

Canadian Preview Islanded In a Stream of Stars

JediNg135 captured the Canadian preview for Islanded in a Stream of Stars.


ACyclcUniverse said...

Let's hear an Opera House Huzzah!!!!

Promos North o' the Border certainly are more intriguing than our dull batch...

Oh, and it's great to hear Adama the Atheist reemerging after a short vacation. I mean, with the amount of visions and prophecy bouncing around The Bucket these days, somebody's gotta be the voice of cold, hard realism!

Logan Gawain said...

Did someone say opera house?

Adam Whitehead said...

Was that some weird big space station they were flying through? 'The Colony'? Had a bit of a 'Ships of Light' feel from the original series.

Very interesting.

Eric H said...

@ Logan: Down, boy :-)

Definitely looks like we might get more of the grand mystical thing. At last. Yeah, I'm a sucker for it. One more day!

Not related to the Space promo, but did anyone notice the big photo SciFi has on their Battlestar home page? Looks like a military or state funeral scene, with Lee in the foreground. I'm just sayin'.

Charlie said...

Its probably a decommissioning ceremony for Galactica. Tell me you wouldn't be teary if the ship you served on for 4 years and was the literal shield and sword of humanity was tearing itself apart and you had to leave it floating there in the cold, black, nothingness of the void.

Eric H said...

@ Charlie: Ah, I like this theory. SciFi wants us to think it's Roslin or some other person, so this would be a classic red herring. I expect Roslin to die at some point, but it would seem unprepared for over the last couple of episodes if it happens now.

Brisotope said...

I just ordered the book "The Outermost House" from which they pulled the phrase "islanded in a stream of stars". It's got to be the best episode name I've seen yet. So I hope the book is just as good ;)

I'm actually avoiding any more previews, Canadian or American if I can help it. I just had a moment of weakness and saw a spoiler about the remainder of the series on another site. So I'm on a fast!

Ken said...

Did anyone notice the sound clip at the very end (e.g. last half-second or so)? It sounded, to me at least, like the "moving eye" sound on the Model 005 Centurions.

Could we see "Guardians" again in this ep?

Also, @ Cyclc: what if "reality," in the show, proves Adama wrong?

YeNguyen said...

@ Charlie: Actually, they certainly are all in dress uniform or their best dress regardless, but they're all facing the airlock...which hopefully doesn't mean that we've got another death coming up soon :'0

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