Saturday, February 28, 2009


Islanded in a Sea of Stars:

Read Bear McCreary's extensive details about the creation of the music for Someone To Watch Over Me, part one, part two, and part three.


Eric H said...

Looks like that's Anders in some kind of tub in the red-lit shot right before we see Starbuck. Wonder if he's been moved to the baseship?

SciFi sure likes to tell us that lots of things are "just the beginning," don't they?

ProgGrrl said...

Maybe he dies on Galactica and is reborn...with Cavil sitting there waiting for him. Ick. Perhaps he can save Hera, though. I'd be thrilled if Sam suddenly gets all his memory back and we get to see who he *really* is...

Anonymous said...

so Anders resurrects? didn't the cylons lose all resurrection technology? why is cavil so hell bent on re-creating resurrection technology if they still have it? OR MAYBE IT'S A FLASHBACK!!!!!!!! the preview made it seem like kara was there when he resurrected

College Jedi said...

I don't think that was Anders Rezzing, I think that was anders in a Hybrid Tub.

Eric H said...

Yah, don't think it looks like a resurrection tub either. Sam the Hybrid? He did audition for the role shortly before surgery, true. Maybe they'll try plugging him into Galactica now that it has all that Cylon spackling. OK, now I'm getting a little silly.

ProgGrrl said...

Ah so they take Sam to the hybrid goo tub and plug him in? In hopes of reviving him? That'd be a nifty trick...

Logan Gawain said...


Yeah, if you look closely at the shot in the promo, you can see a brief shot of the "plug" from the Hybrid tank. So, it sounds like a continuation of the idea the cylons were talking about around Sam's bed, when Cottle kicked them out.

Anonymous said...

that makes sense, didn't think of the hybrid tub when i saw the promo!

Eric H said...

OMG. I just looked at that Anders scene in frame-by-frame on my big screen TV using the DVR. It looks very much like someone is holding a gun to his head and then moves their arm away, as if they either fired or changed their mind.

Eric H said...

Update on that - after watching in super slo-mo a couple more times I still see the gun but it looks like Anders grabs the arm of the person holding it. OK now I have to stop doing this and go get a life for a little while.

Justin said...

@ Eric H

Thank you for the analysis - I can't see the gun on the YouTube clip and you can't exactly watch that frame by frame!

Eric H said...

I can't be 100% sure it's a gun; the scene is darkly lit (and very red...those Cylons sure do love their red..that, and voting). I'll be interested if anyone else can confirm this.

I read elsewhere that Space didn't broadcast a preview last night. Arrrgh. Maybe it will appear later this week, again (all this has happened before....)

Kate said...

Does anybody know that for sure--did Space show a preview for "Islanded"? It's been so interesting to see the different scenes shown in the US/Canadian promos!

Anonymous said...

Canadia here: Space didn't show a preview of Islanded.

Anonymous said...

er, that should be "Canadian".

katie said...

I recently realized something - they are not 'islanded' or stranded!

***What about Kobol?!***

Aside from Galactica possibly not making the trip, what should stop the fleet from settling there?

Why not go back to that beatiful lush planet? It even comes complete with an opera house.

The Forces of Cavil will be a threat to them no matter where they go, so you can't use that excuse.

The only reasons they did not settle the first time around were 1.) the promise of a nice happy Earth to live on 2.) cylons were hot on their trail.

Anonymous said...

I see two issues with returning to Kobol, one practical, the other metaphorical.

The practical concern: Do we even know how far away the RTF is from Kobol right now? How many jumps it would take to go back? (Almost certainly, more than Galactica herself can withstand at this point. We were told that even with the Cylon spackle, the old girl only had two or three more jumps in her at most - and that was *before* Boomer ripped a fresh hole in her broadside.) Kobol is probably too far removed from the Fleet's present location to be a consideration.

And metaphorically, there is that whole tenet of the repeating cycle of events: Let's assume the Fleet does in fact return to Kobol and the series ends with them repopulating that planet. They would then become the Thirteen Tribes of Kobol; the survivors of the original Colonies, plus the skinjob Cylons comprising #13. As the generations pass, the descendants of those tribes venture back out into the stars to settle new Colonies, the Cylons going their own way to a new Earth... and the circle just repeats all over again, every couple millenniums or so. And while that's certainly a viable way to end the series, I strongly suspect the point of the show would be to *break* the cyclical loop of repeating events, one way or another - and going back to Kobol is a backwards step in every sense of the word. I just don't see it happening.

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