Saturday, February 07, 2009

Preview clip: #417 No Exit

Ladies and gents, a miracle has has finally begun enabling video embeds off their site.

First, a preview clip from episode 417, "No Exit." [HT reader redwards95 for the heads up.]

Second, last week's videoblog, the depressing-but-funny "Gone Gaeta Gone."

Finally, this week's newest videoblog, "The Hatch." (Viva Le Hatch!)

Oh and one more from SciFi Wire: a spoilericious interview with Richard Hatch.

Bravo, AJ & RH. Bravo.


Hieu Le Bui said...

Good bye Apollo version 1.0. Sorry to see the actor go but the character had it coming for a looong time. Richard Hatch was a joy to watch on screen.

Chad N. said...

I feel the same way about Zarek that Hatch does. He was never really given a chance for redemption.

I had hoped that he had learned from watching Roslin, how to say the right things "politically" to achieve the ends he wanted. Which was ultimately that "the people" had a strong and respected voice, rather than two leaders doing whatever they saw fit.

I remember the exodus of New Caprica, and how Zarek helped Roslin get to her ship... But alas he fell victim to his old 'revolutionary' ways. C'est la vie.

Katie said...

Aww. *sniff*

It's sad to see the characters go, but Hatch and Juliani both did marvelous work with their characters' send-offs. Bravo, indeed.

Athelstane said...

It might have been nice to see a better end for Zarek - who certainly was not all bad.

But since the discovery of "Earth," virtually no one has been at their best. Certainly not Adama or Roslin. Desperate times brought the dark side of Zarek's character back to the surface, and that's probably a realistic narrative development.

The interviews were a nice goodbye touch. Hatch has certainly come a long way in his relationship with RDM's Galactica.

Athelstane said...

...but the real revelation is that clip from next week. Lee's rise to power has been a long time coming. In fact, one likes to think that if Roslin had left him in power after her return, the Mutiny might never have taken place.

I have the strong feeling that however the journey ends, Lee will be alive at the end of it. There are very few other characters I feel that way about right now.

ProgGrrl said...

@Athelstane: What I love best about that 417 clip is how it harkens back to Lee and Roslin during the miniseries. Full circle.


Claw + Dumpster = HURT

Me want set-garbage...

Anonymous said...

In the video blog, Richard Hatch claims this was his 22nd episode playing Tom Zarek, which (it is noted) was exactly as many episodes as TOS lasted in 1978. Thus, going by episode count, Zarek is now in parity with Hatch's TOS Apollo.

The 22-episode number for TOS is accurate if one counts the pilot and "Greetings From Earth" as single episodes, but it surprises me to hear Zarek was in that many RDM shows. It certainly doesn't seem like it to me. (Then again, Zarek was never a central character in the sense TOS Apollo was, so maybe that's part of how my perceptions got skewed...)

Eric H said...

@ProgGrrl: Yeah, the long Lee/Roslin story arc is very poignant. They have certainly had their falling outs, but it's been gratifying to see them develop deeper appreciation for each other.

As a major fan of President Laura's Awesome Eyeglasses of Power, I love how she takes them off at the crucial moment of this scene where she seemingly passes the torch. And of course Mary plays it with unfathomable nuance and depth.

Susan Getgood said...

Looks like Sci Fi pulled the Lee/Roslin clip down.

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