Friday, February 27, 2009

Here’s to you, Kara.

As we prepare for tonight’s new episode which seems to promise more information about the mysterious state of Kara Thrace, here are a few fun links for my fellow Starbuck fans.

The LA Times has a brief interview with Katee Sackhoff at The Hero Complex blog. (Teeny spoiler warning for the 100%-Spirginal.)

I am back in my New York City life this week, after several months on the road for work reasons …and guess what I found waiting for me on a phone booth just outside my office building here?

Funny. It has probably been there this entire winter. Oh Starbuck.

Meanwhile, helmets off to fan taragel for assembling this wonderful ode, Kara Thrace’s Top 25 Defining Moments. I’ve included a few of my favorites below. A fan over at the BSG LJ Blog has updated the links to all of La Sackhoff’s scenes on NIP/TUCK to date this season; apparently next week is her final appearance on that show.

Fight ‘em till ya can’t no more. See you on the open thread.