Friday, January 16, 2009

Staffing Caprica

Bear McCreary in studio at a “Caprica” scoring session this week!
[photo: Andrew Craig]

From various sources right now, we can confirm that BSG crewmembers Richard Hudolin, Gary Hutzel, and Bear McCreary have joined the crew of the CAPRICA series to do, respectively, the production design, the special effects, and the musical score. Great news. (That Hutzel link is a terrific interview; here's another.)

This piece discussing CAPRICA, part of Variety's special BSG edition on stands today, has some interesting perspective from Ron Moore and SciFi's Dave Howe:

"It's about a society that's running out of control with a wild-eyed glint in its eye," says "Galactica" mastermind Ron Moore, who penned the "Caprica's" two-hour pilot with Remi Aubuchon.

"You can just feel it running out of control, with its youth culture and its moral choices. There's doom in the air, but not doom in terms of the human spirit," Moore says.


In short, the show's stories and settings will be more congruent with Earth in the very near future than "BSG" has been.

Moore and the Sci Fi Channel are hoping that will help "Caprica's" appeal.

"We want people to come to this who've never heard of 'Battlestar Galactica,' " explains Sci Fi prexy Dave Howe, whose network has ordered 20 hours of the new series. "I think there was a barrier to entry for some viewers (for 'Galactica'), since it had the backdrop of space and spaceships."

Moore concurs, saying "We had viewers say that if they were able to trick their wives or girlfriends into watching 'Galactica,' they loved it."

But with the name "Battlestar Galactica" "screaming science fiction," he adds, "there was just such a high hurdle to get female viewers to even try it."


Anonymous said...

wow im so glad that Bear is doing the music for Caprica!

This just helps give Caprica even more of a chance, that it wont be some boring repetitive show, but intelligent and thought provoking, with Bears incredible tallent for music and all the guys from BSG like SFX, its just impossible for Caprica to turn out ****

Anonymous said...

YES! I am so damn happy. Good music makes or breaks a show, and this gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

How about a little credit for photography on this? I may do most of Bear's photography, but Im still a poor photographer and can desperately use the press. Oh, and come say hi at the next Frak party. Its always fun meeting the other people in the room whos fandom outweighs their contribution to the show.

-Andrew Craig

ProgGrrl said...

Fixed it Andrew...btw, is this your site below?

Anonymous said...

Haha, actually no. Thats some Australian dude and as much as I wish I was an Aussie, I am Southern California born and raised. There are far to many Andrew Craigs out there who are working artists. My site is actually Its due for a huge overhaul as none of my photography is present and it has become such a big part of what I do these days. I am an illustrator/photographer/filmmaker/writer so I need to re-built the site to reflect that and just havent had time for it. And keep your eyes peeled as a lot of great new stuff should be hitting the web shortly. Its release is all up to Bear though so watch his site and I'll let you know if I get the go ahead to put some stuff out there.

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