Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SO SAY WE ALL: A Thank You From The Fans

Grant over at the livejournal Battlestar Blog is spearheading a wonderful fandom thank-you project: you can submit letters of admiration, thank you, or other celebratory greetings -- and it will be collected up into a PDF file that will be distributed to the show's cast and crew.

Deadline to submit for the project is SUNDAY, JANUARY 25. That's this Sunday, so hurry up and get over there!

Thanks to Grant (and his secret crew contact at Universal) for putting this together, so that fans everywhere can show a little bit more love as the series ends. Sigh.

[Did you also know Grant is a terrific artist and some of his art is actually in the BSG wrap yearbook. Here's his latest BSG art, an image of Racetrack.]