Thursday, January 29, 2009

Disquieting Reviews

Reviews and recaps of "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"...

Alan Sepinwall ponders what's next:

Last week's episode was about philosophy. This one's about practicality.

Where most of "Sometimes a Great Notion" was spent on the characters -- and the audience -- trying to make sense of the ruined state of Earth and one mind-bending revelation after another, "A Disquiet Follows My Soul" features the rag-tag fleet attempting to get back to business. There will be time for soul-searching, and for answers, later, but right now, everyone needs to figure out what to do now that Earth has turned out to be an even bigger dump than New Caprica.

Todd VanDerWerff for The House Next Door:
“A Disquiet Follows My Soul” is probably going to piss off a lot of Battlestar Galactica fans, especially coming this late in the show’s run. Many of the big plot developments occur offscreen and are only alluded to, the episode tries to shove us into the point-of-view of the members of the fleet instead of our heroes, and the whole thing is more of a grim mood piece about a species giving up without its leaders instead of the razzle-dazzle space opera we’re used to....

I suspect this was ultimately a “setting things in motion” episode, where we got to see the beginnings of many plots that will carry through to the end of the season and series, but it was an elegantly constructed one all around and a fine directorial debut for Moore.

Daniel Fienberg writes: "Is this the calm before the storm? Well judging by the preview for next week's episode it sure looks like it."

MaryAnn Johanson says:
Wow. I just sat stunned through most of this episode. The intensity kept building and building and I couldn’t believe when it was over: it seemed to zip by. And then after all the awfulness, to end on that aww-sweet moment with Bill and Laura... that was almost like another punch in the gut, this tiny bit of happiness after all the bad stuff. And I guess it’s like a punch in the gut because we know it can truly be only a tiny bit of happiness for Bill and Laura.

The Guardian observes:
Yes, it's time for one of those episodes where the space battles (and effects budget) take a back seat to the human (and Cylon) drama; the disquiet before the storm, perhaps? Not that the episode passed without incident. Lee accidentally let the press know that the Final Cylon is a woman. Caprica Six and Tigh's all-Cylon baby is fine. Gaeta's harbouring a serious grudge. Chief punched out Hot Dog. Not much more was revealed about the Cylons that were found on the burnt-out Earth last week, or indeed about the nature of the Final Five, but maybe they felt like we'd had enough to digest already?

IGN notes:
This episode was written by Ron Moore, who also made his directorial debut. While not among the strongest installments Moore has written, there were plenty of notable moments – from the casual way we found out that yes, Adama and Roslin are now sleeping together (finally!); to a small moment like Adama pausing to pick up some trash in a Galactica corridor, wanting to keep his ship together as chaos threatens to take over. And on a show known for being extremely dark, there also were a couple of very funny moments this time – one during the scene in which Tyrol kept getting confused over how to refer to Cylons and if he should use "our" or "their"; the other during an otherwise grim scene showing Baltar's acolytes also getting worked up and angry, when Baltar told them they were not children, and then had to stop and point out to the little boy sitting in the front, that okay, he was a child.

Other reviews and recaps from: Zap2It, BeliefNet, DigitalSpy, North By Northwestern, TV Squad, TV Fodder, BuddyTV,, Tim Goodman, and NY1.

Buddy TV wonders where the show goes from here, and Geeksugar has a recap quiz.


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