Sunday, January 25, 2009

Commentary track for 414

The "enhanced" episode with commentary is on Hulu and, and the commentary podcast is now up on iTunes and the RSS page. I don't know if it was the gin and tonics, or "MrsRon's" presence, or all the discussion of sandwiches and the BSG Auction...but this was one of my favorite podcasts in quite some time. Two things one might consider newsworthy in the 414 podcast: Moore bought Baltar's cigarette case from the auction; Terry Moore seemed to indicate that Moore will be directing again quite soon.

Also on iTunes this week: Celebrity Playlists from Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, and Michael Trucco. [HT to bsg blog] ...OT: For you LOSTies in the house, they also posted lists from Michael Emerson, Evangeline Lilly, Naveen Andrews.

Other great links after you have seen ep 414:

  • Mo Ryan, bless her heart, has another interview with Ron Moore discussing this week's show.
  • Bear McCreary has posted his weekly exploration of the music for this week's ep, and includes comments from Ron Moore, Richard Hatch, and Alessandro Juliani. Bear also mentions a portion of the Baltar prayer meeting sequence that was cut from the version we saw on air.


Anonymous said...

OH FRAK, that Hogan interview with BSGcast is a riot! Love when he is waxing poetic about the "full tilt boogie" of Dragon Con...

Matt said...

He was a lot of fun to interview! I loved his "I'm an old man, so I rocked in my limited way" comment... because Hogan was partying later than anyone at the auction! He does Canada proud with the amount of Blue Moon he can put down in a single night :)


Sharathena said...

Michael Hogan is fun and friendly and not at all like Saul Tigh (who I too adore, and think is the heart of the show;)). His interviews are always great and I find it funny how he underestimates his own importance when it comes to doing publicity. I'd love to party with him someday!

Brisotope said...

I appreciate you linking to the Itunes celebrity playlists. I never think to look there anymore. I always find Katee Sackoff interesting, but didn't expect an interesting list from the other two. But I was wrong!

kari said...

I agree -- I am, as ever, charmed by RDM, by his smarts and his willingness to share both the good and the bad with us, and always love having Terry along to chime in with her common sense (and in some ways play the role of the viewer). But this podcast in particular stands out, and probably because of his huge emotional investment and attachment to it.

pix said...

a wee plug - space did a fun little interview with hogan at the auction. He was apparently a total sweetie.

here's the post

Anonymous said...

This is the first podcast I've listened to and, well, I don't want to ruffle any feathers but....does anyone find Moore's wife annoying in the commentaries?

I mean, with the comments like, "I'm *never* going to see my husband again", and "and *that's* why you shouldn't have children on a set...", it's like, UUUGGGHHHH. I just want to hear RDM. I really want to listen to the old podcasts and future ones, she always on them?

Anonymous said...

Keep listening. You're just not used to Terry's sense of humor yet. She's on them now and then, and she adds a lot. (Though I completely disagree with her dislike of Starbuck, myself, she's a great presence.) She's also a great fan ambassador.

Anonymous said...

I agree that "MrsRon" is more of a distraction than anything on the commentaries. I have listened to all of them up until this one and I rarely hear her add anything really worthwhile. It sometimes sounds like Ron gets frustrated too because he is trying to talk about something thats actually relevant and she keep interrupting him with her little quips, making him go "Yeah, so, anyway, what I was trying to say was...". I understand how having someone else do the commentary with you can be enjoyable, and I also understand that some people like "MrsRon's" presence, but I feel like I may be missing out on good info and stories because he has to plug her favorite Gin and apologize for coughing.

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