Thursday, January 15, 2009

1 Day Left…Let’s Do a Frak Party Update!

It’s time for a Frak Party update, in case you are considering leaving your house on Friday night. Please feel free to chime in about other public Frak Parties in your area.

The BSGcast Frak Party in Pasadena, California – site of the Official BSG Props and Costumes Auction. These guys are screening the show in HD on site at the auction location, and there will be a party as well. They are also doing other events throughout the auction weekend. To RSVP, go to their Facebook page, or send an email to This is just a one-weekend event.

Radio personalities Cort & Fatboy, longtime fannish supporters of all things BSG (especially Katee Sackhoff), are hosting weekly frak parties at a theater that has a brewpub next door! How fun is that? You can download here a big, printable version of their cool poster for the parties (above), designed by Fatboy himself. Mark Verheiden will be attending the Jan. 30th showing of his final episode “The Oath” to watch and do a post-show Q&A.

The Alamo Drafthouse will be screening BSG throughout the season. I’m jealous of you Austin folks, I hear the Drafthouse is one awesome hang.

The 13th Colony is having weekly gatherings for the entire season. They also made a very cool poster for their parties….

Those are the big ones we know about…if you know of others near you, please share!

And for those of you holding your own more intimate gatherings – can we suggest a few BSG drink recepies? And some drinking games to go with them; but don't get too blitzed -- this season is sure to be complicated...


Anonymous said...

Am looking for a New York City bar that will show Friday night's episode, but it needs to be below 59th street!!! Any ideas???

Robogeek said...

The Alamo Drafthouse is indeed awesome. You should come to Fantastic Fest this September! (

ProgGrrl said...

@Robo: yeah I saw your tweets from there last fall and got MASSIVELY JEALOUS! ;)

Nutz said...

Wish there was one in the DC/Baltimore area. I just had some friends over and watched it with them, but a large-scale showing would have been a bit funner I think. Maybe next time...

Norm! said...

I tried to get into the Portland screening last night, but the line stretched two blocks. It looked like it sold-out (although admission was free).

Did anyone else get in?

Brian said...

Nutz -

Arlington draft house has put episodes on the screen in the past. Perhaps we could get them to do it for finale.

INDY said...

Greetings all Colonial’s,
The Colonial Defense Forces, an active BSG Chapter Based Fan Club is hosting a FRAK Party for the Series Finale on March 20, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. We invite any fans that are looking for a party to join up with that night, as we all say farewell to our beloved show, in style! For more information, please visit and RSVP no later than March 13, 2009 on the Face book event page located here

FADM Gastineau, Nathan J. (CF)
Commander, CDF HQ - The Octagon
Battlestar Prometheus BSR-01
3rd Fleet - 31st FS “GRIM REAPERS”
Mk VII Viper 03001CA “INDY”

Dr. Zaius said...


If you are in the New York City area, the NYC Sci Fi & Fantasy Marathon Meetup group is organizing a BSG Finale Episode Frak Party on Friday, March 20 from 7 to 11pm at the Professor's Loft at Prof. Thom's bar at 219 2d Ave (between 13th/14th Street) in New York City.

Event begins at 7pm. Finale Episode airs 9pm.
No Cover. Cash Bar.
Costumes Welcome.
Plenty of TVs.

To RSVP and for more details, go to our meetup page:


If you are in NYC that day, I hope you'll be able to grab a beer and join us in watching the final episode and bidding our beloved series a fond farewell.

SO SAY WE ALL!!!!!!!!!

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