Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wake up and smell the RAZOR.

There are some great new links up this weekend:

The RAZOR podcast. Note it comes in four parts, per Ron Moore’s earlier description: “Instead of the customary podcast commentary for next week’s showing of “Razor,” there will be a recording I made of the original break session where the writers first pitched me the story. The podcast was recorded at my house with the entire writing staff, minus Mrs. Ron, who opted not to know anything about the story until it was completed. A separate commentary track will be available on the DVD version that Michael Taylor and I recorded in the studio. (Don’t worry, I brought along the obligatory bottle of scotch.)”

A new version of the Season 4 promo spot ran last night on SciFi. Same cut with some small differences - the biggest being the announcement of the season 4 premiere in March...if this is the real start date, one wonders if the rumored release date of the season 3 DVDs is really in April? Also, what is up with Starbuck and that gun? Hmmm.

Ron Moore was answering fan questions last night at Fans4Writers…some of the interesting answers included this stuff below (spoilery of course):

On the Cain character:

"I don't recall really turning to any particular historical figures as we've worked through the three Cain stories. I always looked at her as something of an anomaly, a woman caught in a unique moment that she then defined in terms of her own experience and her notions of how a commander should behave in a time of war. I always kept in mind the fact that Adama had seen war -- however briefly -- and Cain had not. The fact that she was relatively young for her rank also factored in for me and contributed to her tendency to take a hardline and stick with it, even past the breaking point, as when she shot her XO. With everyone aboard Pegasus thrown into the bewildering situation of potentially being the last members of the human race, it seemed like her willingness (or need) to take matters to frightening extremes could have then been plausibly embraced by the vast majority of the crew.

…Cain determined at some point that the human race was doomed and the needs of the civilians were outweighed by the military imperative to strike back and inflict as much damage on the enemy as possible with every weapon in her arsenal and for as long as her ship survived. I don't think she ever really held out much hope of finding a way to survive as a race and therefore she had less interest in saving lives at that point than she did in fulfilling what she saw as her mission.

It's interesting that people think of Cain as a negative character. She's really one of my favorites in the entire series."

On the writers residuals from the RAZOR DVD sales: would it be better to wait and buy after the WGA strike is over?
“I'm sure the residuals from the DVD will be the same before or after the strike is settled -- I can't imagine the studios retro-paying any new formula they MIGHT agree to. So don't hold off on that account.”

On “the guy in the ooze on the old ship”:
“The guy in the ooze was the first Cylon attempt at building a Hybrid. It was a special project that worked on ways to control the baseships more efficiently, as well as take another step toward understanding God. Inside the baseship are the results of the first experiments involving "evolving" the Cylons toward human form.

His message to Kendra is part of the overall myth and fits into the puzzle of the fourth season.” {Ed note: keep an eye out for another comment on this later in the thread...}


Anonymous said...

You do NOT lose your humanity when you think all is lost. There is no reason to fight if there is nothing to save! Cain should have been exicuted for killing the civilians that she took an oath to protect.

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