Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Razor Screenings

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune posted her thoughts on the recent screenings of Razor on The Watcher blog:

It was the third time I’ve watched “Razor,” and it was the most satisfying. The film-quality direction, production values and special effects of “Battlestar Galactica” really become apparent when you see the show on the big screen. The action sequences and battles of "Razor" were even better and more impressive in a movie theater. (One complaint: The sound was a little too low during the screening I attended.) ...Next week, I’ll post my interview/feature on “Razor,” which will include an interview with Michelle Forbes, who stars in the film as Admiral Helena Cain. I’ll also post the Q&A with [Razor writer Michael] Taylor next week.

Also Josh Tyler reviewed the telefilm for Cinema Blend giving it 3 stars.

Fans have been posting their experiences and reactions to the screening at the Battlestar Blog on Live Journal.

If you went to a screening tell us about it in comments to this post.

Stars Jamie Bamber and Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen spoke to the audience after the show at the Seattle premiere: