Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Bionic Wednesday

Hope you all are getting your hiatus-busting fix of BIONIC WOMAN tonight on NBC – if you haven’t already downloaded it, On-Demanded it, or Amazon-Unboxed it.

I am inspired by what The L.A. Times is saying about the show...

Dark in mood and tone…BIONIC WOMAN owes much to the popularity of the graphic novel, the noir sci-fi sensibilities of Philip K. Dick and perhaps Angelina Jolie. None of which is a bad thing. This is the post-feminist, post-9/11 bionic woman -- not only doesn't she need any help, she wouldn't trust it if it were offered. But that won't keep her from getting the job done.

In other words, it's not your mother's BIONIC WOMAN. It's much, much better.

With her big blue eyes and fair childlike face, Michelle Ryan, recently seen in JEKYLL, is perfect as an everywoman upon whom kick-ass has been thrust.


Like any good sci-fi tale, BIONIC reflects the fears and longings of the present, and as we have been told often in other contexts, the current mood of the country is something other than optimistic. Here, those anxieties are boiled down to a modern arms, and legs, race. The world is much further ahead technologically than it wants to admit, Will tells Jaime. The only question is who controls the goodies, and to what end. well as Slate Magazine (SPOILER ALERT)...
Much like LA FEMME NIKITA and ALIAS’ Syndey Bristow, Jamie's simultaneously a babe in peril and a woman in charge, and Michelle Ryan catches the role's film-noir shades and comic-book angles with all due verve. It's embarrassingly easy to develop a crush on the heroine, and that's partly because she's matched against a worthy foe. Her name is Sarah Corvus—who's actually the first bionic woman, an uncontrollable prototype returned to bedevil Jaime and her superior—and, as played by BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’S Katee Sackhoff, she's the most thrilling villain network TV has seen in some time.


Meanwhile livejournalist ez-as-pi found some great behind-the-scenes and Comic Con clips of the BIONIC cast. And don’t forget to check Katee out on Cort and Fatboy tonight.

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