Saturday, June 13, 2009

New clips from THE PLAN

Last night BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans were treated to two different sneak peaks at the upcoming telefilm THE PLAN, which promises to revisit the events of the BSG timeline from the cylon perspective.

SciFi previewed a new clip of Cavil talking to Ellen last night on air, and we at the Sitrep are not against aiming the frakkin' Flipcam at the TeeVee now and then for your pleasure:

ETA Sunday: SciFi has posted the official clip now:

Meanwhile, at the World Science Festival panel last night in New York City another exclusive clip, of Cavil with Boomer, was screened for the audience. Uberfangrrl and friend of the blog prolix_allie was nice enough to write up a description of it for us. In honor of our more spirginal readers, we are putting that info in the comment section of this post.

For a bit more footage of THE PLAN, here's the trailer released a few months ago:


ProgGrrl said...

Here's what Allie had to say about the WSF clip:

Boomer is in prison after shooting Adama, being visited by Brother Cavil. She insists that she tried to kill Adama: "I shot him twice in the chest!" Cavil: "how about once in the head?" Boomer tells him she's not in control, that in order to complete her mission she had to turn off the human part of herself and become pure machine. Cavil tells her that was the point. At the end of their conversation Boomer seems to revert back to her human persona, and tells Cavil she doesn't want a priest. He tells her she deserves no absolution and walks out.

Anonymous said...

so, the Ellen/Cavil clip is during 33. Cavil is with Ellen as a priest too, isn´t it?

Unknown said...

Well, I must honestly say that I feel terrible about The Plan. It looks like Boomer's character will be completely destroyed, contradicting everything we saw during the two first seasons. That's very sad, and, imho, a waste.

ProgGrrl said...

Yeah it's from 33.

I don't agree pierre; going back now to see these events again from Cavil's and the other cylons' POV sounds like fun to me, knowing what me know now. Cavil is a great character.

Unknown said...

Yes, absolutely, but turning Cavil into a comic-book super-villain was already disappointing enough. You might have guessed I'm a Boomer fan. S4.5 wasn't very nice with her, for the least.

This scene from The Plan seems to contradict Downloaded. Why would Boomer be resurrected with only her "human" memories, for example? Why would she stick to human behavior in her Caprican apartment #502? There has never been any evidence of a pre-existent Cylon life. So many things just don't work if they portray Boomer like this, now.
Boomer was always shown as a conflicted girl who suspected that something wasn't right with her, and then suddenly discovered that she wasn't human. She was naive maybe, but always tried to do the good thing. In Scattered, her first words are "how is the Commander?"... Later, with Caprica-Six, she prepares a big "project" to "unite" the two races, that will miserably fail. (New Caprica)
Hey, she even tries to be nice with Cally!

If I remember correctly, even Grace Park said that she had been "surprised" by the script for The Plan, in a recent interview. I just wanted coherency.