Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dave Howe talks CAPRICA, THE PLAN, and Comic Con

Chicago Tribune writer Maureen Ryan is interviewing Sci Fi (SyFy?) exec Dave Howe today and has twittered a few important factoids:

Sci Fi prez Dave Howe says debut of Caprica, BSG prequel series, is likely to be in January. (tweet)

Sci Fi panels at Comic-Con: Stargate Universe, Caprica, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Eureka. BSG movie The Plan "likely" to be there too. (tweet)

The Plan, BSG film, airs in Nov. Also, there *may* be a Battlestar theatrical film in 3-5 years. Not for sure, but possible, sez Dave Howe. (tweet)

Two Comic Con panels? Huzzah! As for a BSG movie, my excitement over that will depend on what sort of movie we are talkin' about. To be continued.

Keep an eye out for a full feature by Ryan over on her site The Watcher...


Anonymous said...

A movie seems kind of silly cause they're just finishing up auctioning off all the show's props. It'd cost mad money to re-make them all

(I ain't sending back my Tigh Bottle, they'll just have to make a new one... )

ProgGrrl said...

Oh man, you got a Tigh bottle?!?


Anonymous said...

I also got the "Husker" name plate, the bottle, Cally's Death outfit, and 2 Specialist Pins to go with that.

More than some, far less than others. The auctions were very competitive and very very pricey (I couldn't afford Adama/Tigh Dress Blues which what I really wanted

On topic, I find it kind of funny Hatch is STILL trying to get everyone on board the Larson train. Sad, too.

oliverandom said...
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Anonymous said...

It's about godsdamn time we got some airdate information on Caprica and The Plan. Although, the Amazon page for the Caprica soundtrack has actual staked January for awhile, so that part isn't terribly surprising.

oliverandom said...

Wow, lots of goodies for us this year (and the next, and in...3-5 years?). Don't know what I feel about a BSG feature film if RDM is really not going to be involved. If he is, I'm sure whatever he comes up with will be mindblowing. I have faith in that man.

Being sad and depressed that I can't make it to Bear's concerts or the Comic-Con.

Chris said...

Oh gawdammit, back to November.

iKate said...

That's all very exciting news...especially the possibility of a movie 3-5 years down the road. I just wonder, realistically, how they could do that. Would they pick up where they left off? Would they do a "Razor" like storyline where they went back and told a story from a previous season? Hmm....

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the BSG film idea has to do with Glen Larson, folks, since he owns the film rights, and there's been speculation for some time about him redoing his version of BSG.

Regarding "The Plan", I'm a bit pissed off that it's only airing in November, since Sci Fi Wire told us it's airing in September. I want it soon, especially the DVD!

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