Friday, July 28, 2006

Comic Con Reports

"mistabrown" has video on You Tube from the Galactica panel at Comic Con from a different angle, and edited down to about 8 minutes of highlights. The video contains big spoilers, so beware. There are also spoilers in these two IGN reports here and here.

Moore's Blog

Ron Moore has updated his Battlestar Blog with some interesting information.

He reports in part:

To catch up on things: we're currently filming episodes 10 & 11, our mid-season cliffhanger episodes, after which we're going to take a four week hiatus from shooting, then resume production on the remaining eight. "Eight?" you ask, perceptively recognizing that would only add up to 19 and our much-publicized order was for 20. "Are you in trouble? Are they cutting back your order? Or did you fail math?"

No, no, and yes, but that's not the issue.

In another of our patented feats of editorial derring-do, we've taken what was to be episode 3, "Exodus" and crafted two episodes from it, thereby obviating the need to shoot one more show. As it currently stands, we will be opening Season Three with a two-hour premiere of what were originally two stand-alone episodes, "Occupation" and "Precipice" ("Occuprice," as it were) then resume airing normal one hours with "Exodus Part One." Confused? Good, that's the way we like it. Gotta keep the audience guessing.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So lets say you didn't like the Nickelback song used in the season 3 BSG trailer... Then you might prefer this version instead...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Comic Con

Here is a report on the BSG panel at the San Diego Comic Con, and 5 videos of the event on You Tube. (There are spoilers there.)

Aaron Douglas is interviewed by Eclipse Magazine.

Another convert won over.

Friday, July 21, 2006

News, you can use

Battlestar Galatica on one of four covers of TV Guide.

Jamie Bamber talks to Out magazine.

Bamber talks about his favorite scene in season 3, thus far.

More season 3 trailers on You Tube.

Dwight from The Office is blogging again about BSG and Lost.

The latest info from Bear McCreary.

The lyrics to the season 2 soundtrack song "Lords of Kobol".

A positive review of the season 2 soundtrack.

David Eick talks season 3 with Now Playing magazine.

Katee Sackhoff does intense yoga.

Other items here and here.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Season 3 Preview

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Emmys are rigged (updated)

As others have noted the Emmy nominations came out today, and thanks to the insular and gamed system, the best shows on television were totally ignored. BSG got 3 technical nominations, but none for the writing of such ground breaking installments like Pegasus, Resurrection Ship 1 &2, and Lay Down Your Burdens 1 & 2. Bear McCreary brilliant scores were ignored. And great Oscar nominated actors Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell were both snubbed. Katee Sackhoff has more than proved worthy of the best supporting actress Emmy, yet the Academy lives in a strange universe where even fine shows like Lost and Boston Legal are ignored, while 2 and and a half men gets nominations.... Odd.

The most nominations went to 24, which had it's most cartoony season ever, with an ending hour that was utterly idiotic, in every single aspect.

Well, at least Galactica gets the awards that matter, the Hugos, the Peabody, the Saturn, and the Golden Toaster....

UPDATE: Alan Sepinwall nails it.

In other news, now is showing the DVD box art for the season 2.5 set, you can see a large version of the cover art at TV Shows on DVD.