Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Teacher

"Jaime didn't just teach math. Like all great teachers, he changed lives."--Edward James Olmos

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Evening With Caprica

Those of us who made it to the CAPRICA panel event at the New York Paley Center tonight got an unexpected treat: advance screenings of both this week's new episode and next week's mid-season finale! Unfortunately for me, I was late and only got to see the latter (written by BSG alum Michael Taylor btw). It was... astoundingly action-packed, with cliffhangers galore! Also, you get the unique joy of seeing James Marsters say the words: SO SAY WE ALL. Frak yeah.

The Q&A panel after the screening with Ron Moore, David Eick, Syfy's Mark Stern, and castmembers Esai Morales, Sasha Roiz, Alessandra Torressani and Magda Apanowicz was a lot of fun and quite informative. Those Adama brothers are a hoot...

A couple of highlights gleaned at the panel:
- No one would say exactly when the second half of CAPRICA season one will air (although SyFy has apparently told the press October 2010). And despite the rumors from earlier this month, no one mentioned CAPRICA getting renewed, or any other new BSG spinoff ideas. Keep your fingers crossed.
- Ron Moore confirmed that we will visit two other colonies in the next set of episodes after the hiatus: Gemenon and Tauron.
- When asked if an ending has already been worked out for this series, Moore and Eick say they have not done that yet, it is too soon. They see around six organic endpoints, each is a landmark event within the timeline between the current present on the show through to the events of the BSG miniseries.
- Esai Morales says that big changes are afoot for Joseph Adama in the back half of the season, following some crucial developments we saw tonight in the mid-season finale.
- Sasha Roiz got his role as Sam Adama after auditioning for the role of Tomas Vergis (Graystone's business rival). James Marsters was being considered originally for the role of Vergis as well... but his unique talents seemed much more suited to Barnabus.
- To answer a question I got this evening: NO, Michelle Forbes does not have a cameo in CAPRICA 109. That's just someone who looks like her a bit.

OK I'm tired. Goodnight for now -- meanwhile, for the rest of you who attended tonight, please leave your (NON SPOILERY) thoughts in the comments. Did you enjoy this week's new episode? Did anyone post panel video on youtube yet? Etc.

ETA Thursday AM:

The Paley Center did a great livetweet of the event last night.

At the Syfy upfronts this week, Esai Morales elaborated further to io9 about "the wringer" Joe Adama will go through in 1.5, and says that CAPRICA's renewal is still up in the air:

We don't know when we're going to get picked up, so my choices are limited – I can't go out for pilots, but I don't want to because I really enjoy [Caprica]. I enjoy doing television for people with brains. ...I like that the show makes you think, and it sells ideas. It sells questions. It sells perspectives. Do you believe in one god or many or none? There's no good or bad – there's good or bad deeds. As they say in the Bible, God loves the sinner, not the sin. ...This show makes you think. If you want to scratch the surface, you'll get something more than backdrop.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

CAPRICA marathon tomorrow

If you still have any friends who need to catch up with CAPRICA from the beginning, SyFy is running a full marathon on Friday March 12th. It starts with the Pilot at 2pm, and goes through all subsequent episodes leading up to the premiere of new episode “The Imperfections of Memory” at 9pm.

For those of you who just need to see the last couple of episodes, they are still streaming via SyFy Rewind in both regular and Enhanced (commentary) versions.

Speaking of that new ep: here is a clip that features some software we BSG fans will enjoy...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fanvid: Sabotage

BSG and Beastie Boys. Match made in heaven. By katamaran78.