Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sorry Amazon…Best Buy won this round.

The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season 4.0 DVD set hits the American market in two days…and suddenly I am indescribably happy that I didn’t pre-order on Amazon. Alert fans over at the LJ Battlestar Blog have unearthed photos of the special package that American and Canadian Best Buy shops are selling:

Definitely worth busting Best Buy’s door down first thing Tuesday morning getting online and pressing BUY to get yours. [hat tips to annosuperstar and laughtrack]

Further on the DVD front:

…This Digital Bits article that says the DVD set will have one whole hour of deleted scenes (thanks Mr. Moore!), four new featurettes, a full set of 4.0 podcasts…and possibly a new CAPRICA trailer, which would be good news, since that first trailer wasn’t doing the new series too many favors. Some of us were hoping this 4.0 box might include the 20-minute Making Of RAZOR featurette that was in the Best Buy RAZOR DVD packages last fall, but it looks like that will have to wait.

...One of those new DVD featurettes is "Inside the Secrets of the Behind the Making of the Music of Battlestar Galactica Revealed", which some of you got a peek at during Bear McCreary's Los Angeles concerts last spring. Bear has updated his own blog about this short film, adding at the end of the post that he'll be blogging about BSG music weekly after each episode, just like last spring...and that another BSG concert is in the works. Exciting!

…Sitrep has received some more information from our own trusted sources, that confirms what Mark Verheiden mentioned in passing a while back – NBCU is most definitely creating a Blu-Ray DVD release for the entire BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series once it ends this year. Exact content of the box is unknown…but several special commentary items have recently been recorded with Ron Moore and some of the other writer/producers.


Anonymous said...

walmart also has a special edition with a metal covered bsg journal(looks like off the show). i was originally just going to get the steelbook(they are a stunning package) but now that i see that bestbuy has a photo book (?)i'll have to think hard

Anonymous said...

Bestbuy has two deleted BSG 4.0 scenes on their website. Here are the links:

"Six of One" Deleted Scene:

"Faith" Deleted Scene:

ACyclcUniverse said...

Will the "One hour of Deleted Scenes" be included on pre-ordered box sets as well?

Why oh why couldn't I have just been patient.....

*Adama sobs in the corner with booze*

Anonymous said...

I think the extras are the same than other version.


Best Buy closest to my office (44th and Fifth Ave, NYC) opens at 8AM Tuesday. See you in line, Nuggets!

Anonymous said...

I was rather excited by the original Caprica trailer and am looking forward to it based on what I saw from the trailer. Just wondering how it did Caprica no favors??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news. I gotta say I'm really pissed Ron keeps avoiding recutting the episodes so that they're less rushed. This has been a major problem since Season 3. Of all the episodes that should have been extended, he gives us one of the few that were perfect as was: "Unfinished Business". It's such a shame.

The first half of Season 4 has been especially rushed and the quality of the dialogue has dropped considerably. Such a waste. Why not integrate the deleted scenes back in!

Gods Damnit!

Anonymous said...

And weren't the 2006 webisodes about the occupation supposed to be recut into a 40-minute episode?

Moore and Eick had better do a proper job for Seasons 3 and 4 on Blu ray. There's so much texture missing that was obviously there in Season 1 and the best moments of seasons 2 and 3.

I also really hope Ron writes episodes for Caprica because Seasons 3 and especially 4 have really missed his touch. His work is magical. "The Hub" was a perfect example of nonsense. Laura Roslin doesn't "love anyone"???! Since when?! Also the Laura subplot in "Faith" was cliche and unrevelatory. He should have really worked on this stuff.

ProgGrrl said...

@Anonymous: having read the script before I saw that TCA trailer, I thought there could have been more breadth to the made the show seem a lot smaller than what I read. Zoe could have been a larger part of it. I know it's still early...probably too early to hope for a new promo on DVDs...if the show isn't on till 2010.

Rabid Moose said...

I have to agree with Muldfeld that the quality of season 4 deteriorated due rushed cutting. It's probably because it's the last season...I guess.

ProgGrrl said...

@Anonymous...part 2...Monday morning: see, that one new clip posted on SciFi today gives you so much more about Caprican society than the original trailer. See what I mean?


You can now pre-order the Best Buy S4.0 special edition online and it (apparently) lets you order more than one copy! Better than standing in line early tomorrow morning. Not that there's anything wrong with that...


ProgGrrl said...

Whee hee I just ordered one!


Freek said...

I wont get the DVDs but will definitely get the full series Blu-Ray release. I own LOST Season 4 on Blu-Ray and have seen some BSG in 720p and both look simply breathtaking.


Limit of three when you order online, FYI


Did anyone go out to stand on line this morning? Me, I ordered from the comfort of my desk...

Anonymous said...

This is Bill Hunt from The Digital

The disc-based extras on both versions are IDENTICAL. It's just the booklet and the dog tags that are added, and the packaging is different.

Here's something that will irritate though: The two deleted scenes that Best Buy has posted for viewing online are NOT on the DVDs. I've checked and they aren't there. Hopefully, they'll be on the Blu-rays.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Best Buy DVD set from the store and the image you guys have up is accurate. It has the photo book which is a plot summary to date and Starbuck's dog tags. Best Buy is carrying both the special edition and the regular dvd set so be a bit careful when asking for it at the store if you don't see it on the shelf.

ProgGrrl said...

Thanks for the info Bill. :)

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