Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Really, Really Frakkin Important Stuff

Generally Frakking Important: Sitrep has collected a ton of info over here to take the discerning BSG TruFan far into the future.

Help Bear Curate the Season 4 CD: Bear McCreary would like all of us to comment here on his blog throughout the final season, and tell him which musical pieces we would most like to see on the Season 4 soundtrack. Pretty cool, eh?

Ron Moore podcast commentaries: Hulu and Scifi are posting full episodes with Moore's commentary track overlaid weekly. You can also download as an audio podcast from iTunes here or from SciFi here.

How to watch BSG season 4.5 on TeeVee:

USA: SciFi

SciFi is broadcasting all 10 webisodes tonight (Thursday night) during the airing of the film PITCH BLACK. On Friday beginning at 8:30am ET/ 7:30 CT, they will air an all-day BSG season 4.0 marathon leading up to the premiere.

Canada: Space

Starting at 10am ET, Space will be running 14 hours of BSG programming this Friday, including all the 4.0 episodes and a “fandom forum” discussion.

UK: Sky One

Sky 2 is running 4.0 eps this week leading up to the 4.5 premiere on Sky One on January 20th.

How to watch BSG season 4.5 on Teh Internets: (free): last year, SciFi’s own site posted new episodes 1-3 days after their Friday broadcast, along with “enhanced” versions containing Ron Moore’s commentary tracks. They also streamed the full episodes for the first few weeks starting on Fridays at 9am EST – but there has been no indication that is happening this year.

Hulu (free): the final four eps of BSG 4.0 are currently on the site, and here’s a statement from Hulu on new eps…

New episodes of BSG return to Hulu 1/17. The first five episodes will be posted on Hulu the day after their TV broadcast. Subsequent episodes will be posted 8 days after their original broadcast date.

We are able to offer five older episodes from the previous season; they will be available until 5 a.m. PST on 1/31/09.

iTunes: there is already a very nifty BSG home page on the iTunes Store site, which contains pages for each season in both standard and high-def formats. They have posted the entire set of The Face of The Enemy Webisodes (in 720p HD) for free download; this is the first time any BSG webisodes have been available in HD. Also available for free are the catch-up specials. They have bundled a set of “Best Of BSG” eps from past seasons, curated by Ron Moore. In the past, new eps of BSG have appeared on iTunes the morning after first US broadcast.

Xbox Live Marketplace: the entire series is on their site, and we are assuming new eps will be there too. If you know something different, speak up. One element that makes us nervous though: as of this morning, they only have 7 of the 10 webisodes posted. Are they going to be slow to keep up with posting new series eps?

Amazon VOD: you can watch all of season 4.0 now, and we are assuming you can get new ones starting this weekend. There’s a discount for subscribing for a season pass. Their VOD system allows the following compatibilities: Mac and PC online viewing, Windows PC download, TiVo DVRs, Sony BRAVIA Internet Video Link, compatible portable video devices.

Off Topic: I’d like to also put in a plug for another TV show that begins its 3rd season run on NBC Friday night, which is FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. A lot of us FNL fan(atic)s are wondering if this will be the last season for the show because, much like BSG, the ratings have always been kinda low. FNL director/producer Jeffrey Reiner, who directed the CAPRICA pilot, directed several of this season’s best episodes (which just finished running on DirecTV). You can watch the first two seasons online here. For a nice look at some of the reasons you should watch this show, check out Tim Goodman’s piece here about BSG and FNL, and Alan Sepinwall’s piece here.



Michael Olsen said...

Just an FYI: My directv DVR adjusted automatically for the extra minutes.

Anonymous said...

Just another FYI ;)

The marathon they are running actually starts at the end of season 3 and runs to "Revelations." My DVR starts the Marathon with "The Son also Rises," so I think we'd be getting that and Crossroads 1 and 2 as well as all of 4.0.

hellishmonkeys said...

Thank you so much for this. As someone without the SciFi channel and has to rely on the internet, I thank you for this information.

ProgGrrl said...

Thanks for the tips...keep em coming! ;)

@hellis: Yeah I know a surprisingly large number of fans who do not have cable. But they're hooked and gotta have that fix.

Anonymous said...

iTunes Canada does not support downloading the webepisodes Revelations, and when you go to the American store they boot you out! Other means may be necessary. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the free iTunes specials and webisodes!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to put this, but the Mary McDonnell/Edward James Olmos interview on "The View" is up on youtube:

Anonymous said...

thanks, as always, for the hard work you guys put into the site and keeping everyone who's interested informed


Scott Black said...

On another Bear McCreary note... it looks like he's been picked to score Caprica! I'm not terribly surprised but still very excited!

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