Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nerd Elections

It’s time to fess up and admit it. Sitrep has been shockingly remiss about sharing a particular meme that has been gaining steam since forever. We may have failed to mention it, at first, back when BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season 4.0 was prompting a particular wave of fan responses such as this, this, or this.

We didn't say anything when one or two bloggers began pointing out the similar features of our favorite one-eyed cylon and a certain political candidate. We remained quiet when a well-known sci-fi versemaster also made comparisons between his lauded Knights and another high-profile politico. We failed to mention the continued chatter about certain similarities, real and imagined.

But this month, it has become completely impossible to ignore the pop cultural rumblings and ramblings about who looks like who. Fandom was not gonna let go of this one, no sir. And the press were just as entranced by it all. Even some of our beloved BSG actors waded into the fray…and other well-known actors have come out in favor of their own particular candidates. In fact, the field seems wide open now, doesn’t it?

Most surprising of all perhaps, has been the revelation that Sci Fi Channel/NBC-Universal has made their own stunning choice of candidate.

I can’t speak for Logan – but I know who I’m voting for.

Sure is nice to have so many options, eh?

[Many thanks to the fans at the livejournal bsg blog for providing so many links over the past few months, you guys are the best. Art, from top to bottom: Bumperactive sticker; Vote-Adama poster; Tigh/Roslin banner; Leland is Hope by BeyondInsane; AdamaForPresident button.]


Greg said...

This is why I love my people. The fantastic fans.

The fact that we have so many options, and that we have an easy means of realizing said options, is great.

That said, I'll say this : I knew Laura Roslin...Laura Roslin was a friend of mine...and Governor, you're no ROSLIN!"


I was at an Obama event tonight at my favorite bar in San Francisco. The bartender, Tommy, is a BSG fan and wore his Adama for President Shirt as did I, and we got some new recruits to La Causa.

But best of all? We met an African American gentleman (as in from Africa as an immigrant) and guess what?

His brother's name?



I love all my fandom brothers and sisters and I'm glad we can all make the things that pay for our tickets to Nerd Prom. Now buy an adama shirt or sticker and let's win this thing :-)

Greg said...

oh and who did the vote adama site?

We have a banner ad with a similar slogan...OMG!

Can we please please know who they are ? We wanna send some props to 'em!

Adriel Hampton said...


Liz said...

Holy cow, my post on fictional elections ended up on the Sitrep, my favorite blog. My nerd heart is very full right now. :)

And for what it's worth, Adama all the way, baby!

Anonymous said...

I really want to have a Baltar 08 shirt to wear on election day. Who better to lead us in the current state of our country?

Anonymous said...

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