Tuesday, September 09, 2008

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA returns to iTunes...in HD

"NBC is coming back to iTunes." (Big cheers) "The Office is coming back, Monk, Battlestar Galactica, 30 Rock... and they're coming back in HD."

- Steve Jobs at Apple's "Let's Rock" press conference today
(quote via Engadget live blog)

*happy dance*

Thanks reader Trace for the heads-up!

ETA: Here's more about the announcement. Here is the update on iTunes 8. Here is the link that goes directly to the Standard-Def Season 4.0 episode page. There is a separate page for High-Def. And, for the next two weeks: THE ENTIRE EPISODE 403, "HE THAT BELIEVETH IN ME," IS FREE OF CHARGE TO DOWNLOAD.

[photo: Engadget]


Greg said...

wow gizmodo just blew past that completely! swtiching to endgadget now!

Child Of Agathon said...

Yay! This news completely just made my day!

Unknown said...

Lots of happy dancing! -trace

brisotope said...

The BSG episodes I used to download from Itunes never looked as good as the ones I downloaded from Amazon Unbox. Other than the quality, they were the same, price and all. I wonder if this means that NBCU is dropping the deal with Unbox or if they'll sell both places.

HD sounds great but I don't have the TV or monitor for it so it's kinda lost on me. :(((((
frown frown frown.

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest news!

Ken said...

Anyone know if the "Buy All Episodes" option in iTunes for "Battlestar Galactica Season 4 HD" will include the remainder of season 4 to be released in '09?

I'm a cheapskate but $26.91 seems cheap compared to other services.

Anonymous said...

"Buy all episodes" means "all episodes listed". It's not the same as the "add season" button on (for example) BSG Season 3.