Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All Along The Watchtower

Fandom has been buzzing all over the internets about the great time they had at Bear McCreary's Music Of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA concert this past Sunday in Los Angeles. The show was hosted by James Callis, and in addition to BSG score composer McCreary conducting a huge band onstage, there was apparently a very funny short film (shot on the BSG set) screened.

Experiences, photos, and even video snippets are showing up on the skiffy forum here and here…on the battlestar blog…as well as a few other places. Above is a wonderful clip of the band performing “All Along The Watchtower” and below are a few more.

James Callis introduces the show...

Callis singing “Spooky,” which apparently is an original song he composed? Can someone confirm this?

The crowd chants in typical BSG-fan fashion…LOL...Thanks to Isaac for sending this in.

This attendee cut a bunch of short clips together from the show, and wrote a long concert description in the “info” sidebar. ETA: here is a clip reel with mediocre audio quality but showing a good sample of the many pieces performed at the show; here's another vid with excellent audio of a single piece.

Now if fandom can just get its greedy paws on this funny video they screened of all the BSG cast and crew gently mocking Bear, all will be right. Mr. McCreary: if you are out there, somewhere…do you have a youtube account? :D

You folks going to tonight’s second show are in for a treat!

Congrats to Bear and all the musicians involved.

[Thanks to all the fan photographers and vidders including Isaac, Janna23, Mexichick, Scarbuck, CallisRocks; click photos above to view larger]

An off topic PS: in honor of the occasion I feel the need to post a few Oingo Boingo videos…one, two, three, four. Yes, I am THAT OLD. *g*


phunkysai said...

Maybe we can leave a comment on his blog to release this on DVD!

Ack said...

This is SO FANTASTIC thanks for putting it together! The so say we all video makes me so happy XD

Anonymous said...

Yes, Spooky was a James Callis original! He compared playing for Bear to the guy who invented Chopsticks playing for Beethoven. It was a lot of fun, though.

As for the video - I have a video OF the video, or at least bits of it (namely the cast) that I will try to put up later. It'll be terrible quality, though, so hopefully Bear or someone can post the actual vid.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo incredibly jealous right now. I want a concert in Europe!!

ProgGrrl said...

@phunky: YES, go sign in and definitely let Bear know!

@ack: you are welcome my dear...*g*

@averita: that would be fraktastic! we will take anything, even if it's partial and cellphone quality. :D

@syrin: I know!!!

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